Are more episodes being worked on for Mahou Tsukai Sally? Picking up from episode 12, where Blue Fixer left off. But thanks again for letting me know. Anidex mp4 hardsub links: June 14, at I subtitled episodes from multi-gen VHS copies. Added, thanks for the reminder.

Thanks for your patience on Patlabor. Series 1 Mega links: This is probably a one-shot release, but you never know. Nyaa softsub mkv links: Perhaps you could try downloading it again? September 4, at 3: Manga Nihon Emaki is available in dvd Like Like. You could either pick up from episode 8 where the previous subbers left off, or you could start from scratch.

I also writing this to let you know that the episode 01 I got from Mega is kind of corrupted. Yes, more subtitled Galactic Patrol episodes are definitely being worked on. Download episode 01 from Nyaa or Mega. This should please some of the J-Drama fans out there, as well as anybody who likes watching incredibly weird Japanese TV.

Aardvark on Manga Nihon Emaki subtitled b….

Like Liked subber 1 person. Not to mention that outer space is vast to begin with. The original series was broadcast in America as Tobor the 8th Man in the 60s. They’ve made a few references to collecting all 34 grand powers. Patlabor — The Next Generation I know my response was super late…. Thanks from the wife, cat and I!


Hey, I shbbed your work. Apparently they were planning to subtitle episodes and 18 the latter being the recap episode that was never dubbed into English but the project stalled and the translator never got around to working on episode 3. Get episode 1 from Nyaa or Mega.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Episode 10 English Subbed – Monkeys No More!

Not all that soon, but I do plan on releasing more episodes of both series. Zyurqnger Sentai Robin Notify me of new episodf via email. Big thanks on this project to Shockwave of the Kingmenu site, who originally subtitled episode one a couple of years ago, and allowed me to use his translated script for my remastered version.

May 9, at 4: In the original manga Akira injects himself with the Big X formula in order to grow all big and super-heroic, but in the TV series the needle-pen injector has been changed into to a beam device, presumably to avoid an epidemic of copycat intravenous drug use on Japanese playgrounds.

The Hawaiian pay cable channel Nippon Golden Network showed a bunch of these in the early s. But nonetheless I do plan on subtitling more of them in the future, even if they elisode up only being watched by six other people and whatever pets happen to be in the room. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Episode 40 English Subbed – Burai’s Deathly Departure

Italian fun would really be happy that I can complete the work because no one is doing it … thank you very much Like Like. Sorry it took so long, I reencoded and uploaded the episode. The core Ranger Keys were all collected during that period of time. Like others have already said, thanks for all the work. We know that the Goranger keys will give a Variblune-based flight attachment for Gokai-Oh.


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It says that the folder link is unavailable. I subtitled the first four episodes from laserdisc, but stopped when Sailor Spork picked up the series.

On the other hand, the first episode does feature a WWII flashback where Hitler offs himself with a bullet to the head. July 8, at Okay so Megaranger 22 is working fine for me now, ToQger x Gaim is still not working for me though.

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