Prozan causes havoc amongst the people of the Empire when he wipes out a gaul of Shield Liegers whilst showing off the Deathsaur. Van and Fiona make it back to the Liger and Zeek. Van and the gang barely made it part the Imperail Army. The Saviour Episode Odyssey of the Celestial Ark Star Blazers: The setting of Chaotic Century is a few years after the most recent war between the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire.

Van and friends make headway against the still-weakened Death Stinger, but Hiltz, the Death Stinger, and Fiona all suddenly dissolve into light. Views Read Edit View history. Hermann is then shot down. Osa Volacano and are struggling to keep alive and get the rock. Rudolph joins Van and his friends, who try to take him to the Empire’s capital Guygalos to stop Prozen from taking over the Empire and restarting the war. Of course, the use of hydrogenated and fractioned vegetable oils also negatively effects the environment, as cultivating the plants and products to produce the oils uses more energy and more crops. They split up, and shortly after that, it turns out that Rudolf snuck into the Blade Liger so he could go with Van.

Then both Moonbay and Irvine are released do to the misunderstanding. Prince of Darkness Cyber Team in Akihabara: Since the death of the late emperor Zepplin, Crown Prince Rudolph is next in line to become emperor of the Empire. This lifts epislde melting point of the fat.

The soldier runs away and drops a picture of him and his mother, and Van picks it up.

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Just then, a few trucks pull up with Republican guards in them and one of the guys that Van and Zeke chased away he told the guards about how Van helped the Imperial soldier. Choosing chocolate from a supplier who is committed to positive change can play a big part in the future of our chocolate. Van hears Fiona speak of something called Zoid Eve and decides to help her find it in hopes that it will help her memories return.


Van covers for Viola and then leaves. Farewell to a Friend Episode This article does not cite any sources. Then after that, the gang is making there way through the Valley of Heroes. He wanted Zeke for himself, and whatever he could his hands on else. The Helic Republic uses a wide selection of Zoids for combat use.

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Meanwhiel at the ruins, after touching one of the stone tablets, Fiona remembers something called Deathsaur. Rapters basic models at that. The Imperial Ring Episode Chaktic and Zeke wander away and see a lone Imperial soldier being harassed by some Republicans. It can be used on its own or to compliment and harmonise with other ingredients.

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At only fifty-percent of its true capability, the ZG still had firepower equivalent to tweleve zoids. Rosso and Viola make it to their hideout but Metlenick’s group launches a missile right into their hideout, assuming that they are dead Metlenick resumes his veob. After a fierce fight between Zeek and the Guysack. They find a bunch of Imperial Redlers with their zoid cores ripped out and Dr.

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The remaining forces veoj and awaken the Ultrasaurus, a giant mobile fortress Zoid meant to be used as a last resort. After all the chaos ended, Moonbay left and kissed McMahon one last time.

In return he would poison their food so they would be paralyzed for a number of days. A lady informs the President President Camford about the prisoners, Hermann her sonand the letter they can’t confirm if it’s real because Hermann is away checking out the iceberg.


Irvine tries to figure a way to save his own skin when Van gets an idea and starts running the Liger at the walls of the canyon. With a well maintained farm a farmer can get 50 years of crop from a cocoa tree.

Later that morning, the chaoticc guy Dr. Zeke revives an abandoned Shield Liger, which Van uses to fight off the bandits. After making it snow, Van and the rest head off to Mount Isolina. Sword Art Online Alicization. While on their way towards the Imperial Captial Guygalos, Van and the rest of the gang had fought their way through Captain Sever’s Unit. Rapters and Redlers are searching for the prince, but were taken down by Raven and his Genosaur.

Van and friends make headway against the still-weakened Death Stinger, but Hiltz, the Death Stinger, and Fiona zojds suddenly dissolve into light. Retrieved from ” https: Shadow, Raven’s black organoid, shows up and kidnaps Rudolph.

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Van faces Hiltz, aided by Ambient, without his own organoid Zeke.