A high school girl returns to her apartment complex and notices five small boys sitting around a black, shadow-like mass in the courtyard, whom they personify as their friend, “Tomonari-kun. As the family drives on, they pass an old, dilapidated house, much to Takeshi’s curiosity. One rainy evening, a young couple rushes down the street, the woman is a little annoyed that the weather has gotten bad. Suddenly, Tomo-kun enters the classroom, his face full of grief as he obviously blames himself for not walking her home. From behind a corner, the detective watches as the couple confess their feelings for each other. As her husband prepares to take a shower, the woman smells the faint scent of another woman’s perfume on his suit.

The next morning, the husband goes to wake up his mother, only to find a trail of mud leading to her room. Mari continues to scream about her hair as her reflection declares that Mari must die since only her reflection “needs to be the prettiest. However, she freezes when she sees fingers and an eye peeking out of the neighbors’ door’s mail slot only to instantly shut. She hears squeaking coming from the walls, and wonders if they would be able to live with the rats. Her grandmother explains that it contains a pair of netsuke small Japanese ornaments that even her husband never allowed her to touch. As she demands more and more, she shouts, “Lend it to me!

Just then, Takeru strangely reappears and asks Kenji to open the door, which the latter refuses and instead locks it in fear just as the Takeru-figure starts rocking the shed, all the while a high-pitched squeal echoes throughout the shed and the bowl of salt burns. He leaves the tub and finds the balcony door open again. After relieving himself, he walks to the parking lot, but there are so many buses like his own that he can’t figure out which one is his.

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The narrator explains that this friend was responsible for Takkun’s parents’ marriage. Everyone is ushered inside, where the atmosphere takes on a heavy aura.

A college student named Keita Haga is riding the train home when he notices a novel manuscript called “After the Festival” left on an overhead rack. As she heads for the bathroom, a quick glance from the waste bin makes her realize the scissors, the talisman and the lock of hair are gone.

But then syb woman says something that scares her, “But Hirofumi is crying, is he? But snibai ignores her and demands her lipstick. From behind a corner, the detective watches as the couple confess their feelings for each other. A train passes by, and the pale girl vanishes Inside the dark house, the only presence is the sound of gurgling water.


To her horror, it’s Reiko.

The dentist walks over to her assistants and whisper something along the lines of “Don’t let her get away” and “It can’t be helped” before returning with a pair of pliers, telling Miwako the tooth has to be pulled out.

No one epissode to notice that one of the three court lady dolls appears to be smiling at them.

[ENG SUB] Yami Shibai – Japanese Ghost Stories 5 EP. 13

Sae’s mother suddenly arrives and apologizes for her daughter trespassing. Masuda tells her she has the wrong number enb. A teenage boy and a girl sit on a bench at the train station. A young episove moves into an apartment building and notices a talisman stuck to the ceiling of his room.

Osamu tells his friends it’s because he’s been having a nightmare recently. He opens the door, but finds nothing but a puddle and the umbrella he left behind.

[ENG SUB] Yami Shibai – Japanese Ghost Stories 5 EP. 13 – วิดีโอ Dailymotion

A young couple, Kenta and Machiko, moves into an old apartment for cheap, finishing moving the boxes into their new home. Suddenly, she hears and runs into her friend. This page was last edited on 25 Januaryat The man asks what she is doing out there, but the girl responds that she hopes his wife will be there to pick him up. Suddenly the phone rings, and she is relieved it’s her friend on the other line.

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That afternoon, she is waiting for a train, when she hears a distant voice whisper “Give it back”. At that point, the electricity suddenly goes out and the student screams in surprise. She suddenly starts to become worried, but tells a questioning Mai not to worry, and yet Suddenly, a sound can be heard. They suddenly both feel hungry, so Masayuki’s cousin offers to bring back the brazier and grill some mochi. Did you get angry and leave because I’m a terrible wife? A college student named Kaoru is helping to clean her grandmother’s shop when she notices a strange box in a cabinet.

He is sure he sees a boy in a red and white shirt looking out the top floor’s window In her car, the woman voices her fears: However Tooru started venturing deeper into the building despite her pleas and eventually broke into a locked room where his personality seemed to change.


Nothing is going right with her boyfriend, she is about to take the fall for her boss’s mistake at work despite it being the fault of a younger girl though she decides aymi pretend she didn’t know. He stares dreamily at a beautiful young woman across the street, as she hangs her laundry on her balcony. When Miki begs her not to leave, Mai tells her she’ll see her tomorrow.

Miki tells her she has been able to see ghosts ever since someone showed her which means Mai can now see them probably. At first everyone thinks it’s his imagination until they see the shibak in the mirror open all the way despite the real door remaining closed.

It’s not what she wanted, but the office worker didn’t want to be bullied as well, so she pretended to ignore her. While Satomi is excited, Shinichi says it’s a little embarrassing and offers to take her picture instead.

Soon, the two reach grandma’s house.

The trail leads to the Mantis Bar where eyewitnesses say they made contact with a particular woman. But as soon as he leaves, Machiko hears squeaking, but she tries to convince herself that Kenta is right and that she’ll get used to them. Frightened, yqmi student makes an excuse to not to eat, but her friend angrily accuses her of disliking the cooking. Now scared, the man tries to hurry through his shower, trying to ignore her constantly growing and insane demands for random body parts.

Every week at 5 p. The following day, they visit a Shinto shrine where the priestess deduces that enemies of their ancestors had brought the curse upon their family and proceeds to evoke a ritual that night which seemingly cures Kotone. The woman shibau to mumble to herself about cutting something, much to the man’s episofe and growing fear. According to the girls, a man stands by the roadside at night asking people to spisode his hand but you can’t tell him no or he will say that you are naughty and will crush your body into a meatball.

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