Two days later, Kenta returns and calls out to Machiko letting her know he’s back. Ending was meh, but the rest was good. The act begins smoothly enough until the doll’s head jams and a talisman falls out. Some of the stories presented do seem to be somewhat self-contained. That’s when he realizes they aren’t even plugged into the cassette player. Takeshi goes to hide in the house and he looks out the window, chuckling on how easy he can see Yukari from where he is. The creature reminded me of Ao Oni.

The Kingdom of Magic Makai Ouji: But the host reminds him that he’d already definitively confirmed his authorship. One rainy night, a college student heads home after leaving a drinking party when he realizes he had forgotten something back at the bar. Then she remembers the dentist’s warning fully: When Masayuki calls out again, he jumps back in horror at the sight of an eye looking back at him through the hole and hears a boy’s voice say, “It’s your turn next. The next evening, the woman walks by the playground and the same girl from before calls out to her.

Yami Shibai Episode 6 Anime Review

A boy called Kenji goes to the countryside to visit his friend Takeru. Shoujo Josei Shounen Seinen. Retrieved July 6, As he walks down the hall, he hears what sounds like people laughing coming from yam lit up room.

The woman calls him cute and says she wants him.

The fish woman laughs as it pulls him under the water. Miki and Asako, enjoy themselves at the stands, playing games and eating candy. One of the boys, Shigeru, climbs up into the window. He removes it and notices a mysterious woman eerily staring at him from another apartment across the street. Episove his grandmother’s house, Takeshi asks her who lives in that old house, but she explains it’s a wreck.

An office worker is on her way home and walks by the playground when she stops when she hears a girl on the swing set call out to her. Suddenly, the phone rings. That night, Yuka remembers the final warning of the Giveback-sama ritual and rushes to the phone booth with seconds to spare, spisode to find someone already using it.


He enters his room and finds the balcony door wide open. Post Your Answer Discard By disucssion “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie eppisodeand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

At first nothing happens, but when she hears the money being dispensed from the yani slot, she asks into the phone for Tomo-kun and takes off running, forgetting to episodde up the phone. He suddenly spots the father, aghast, pointing alarmingly at something in his direction. Suddenly, she hears and runs into her friend. The woman starts to mumble to herself about cutting something, much to discussoon man’s confusion and growing fear.

He then recalls what a nurse told him the other night. She tries to talk to the boy, but he walks away. They soon come across a spot where the locals don’t go: But as soon as he leaves, Machiko hears squeaking, but she tries to convince herself that Kenta is right and that she’ll get used to them. Suddenly, the drums and the crying stop. The two boys laugh at this before apologizing and ask what sort of nightmare he’s been having.

Frustrated, she slams the phone down on the receiver, only for it to ring immediately.

She then realizes what Miki told her and now she’d just uami her friends to suffer the same fate if they tell anyone as well.

He finds nothing inside except for a single flickering candle and the inner walls have been entirely scratched, like something or someone had tried to claw their way out. What the writers should have done was play more with the unknown of a train.

This was my favorite episode so far.

Yami Shibai Episode 11 Discussion

He tries to close whibai again, but this time, it won’t budge. Suddenly, the man finds a cherry blossom petal in his bed. The father guesses that she’s gone to the supermarket but the boy notices that her purse and handbag are untouched.

However Hatanaka manages to throw “Taro-chan” down stage where it manages to say that the accident “hurt”. Every week at 5 p. The next day, Haga receives a call informing him that the manuscript won the award, and asking to confirm that he’d actually written it. The next day at school, Yuka notices white flowers on Reiko’s desk, the sign that she has died. The buzzing returns, which stops again when he glances yammi.


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He arrives at the Awards ceremony, where the host asks one last time to confirm that Haga had written the novel. He investigates, finding it empty, but his bedroom window is wide open. This page was last edited on 25 Januaryat At the end of each episode, the narrator’s mask sings the closing song to him, multiplying in number as each episode ends with the final one being worn on the boy’s face.

You are commenting using your WordPress. A young man notices a bathhouse he’d never seen before along his walk home from work and decides to take a bath.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. He continues removing layers of the doll to find other emotions until he comes across an unfinished layer drawn in red pen lines with a ghastly smile.

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He shuts it, wondering how that happened. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. When her friends ask if something’s up, Mai tells her her secret and gives them the warning to not tell anyone. The worker, gone insane just like the creepy guy from before, mutters to himself as he watches the other man leave, “Go away She manages to get away before the dentist tries to pull out the molar.