Fan interaction time as we get a graphic for the battle royal, will it be called Hard Justice? It was announced on March 27, that Wrestlicious TakeDown will begin airing on many television stations throughout the United States starting around April 1 and May 1, Toni is playing a Godfather girl gimmick while Maui is playing a Hawaiian girl. German Pancake really stood out as a particularly bad line in the commenting. Daffney during an Anarchy Championship Wrestling event in March Madison could sooo do porn. Felony drops an elbow for a two, and goes to rear chinlock with the knee in the back.

Then to a stereotype of a Mexican girl working in a restaurant. Draculetta’s half-pant things are making her thighs look fat. O’Neal at a Women Superstars Uncensored show in Space Mutiny Click Here myspace. Retrieved May 16, The Sacagawea dollar is one example of the copper alloy dollar, the pure silver dollar is known as the American Silver Eagle.

Bolivian Fighting Cholitas dressed in Aymara folk costume s. Felony makes the cover and steals the victory.

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Jennifer Blake wrestler — Jennifer Ykema is a Canadian professional wrestler, better known by her ring name Tajedown Blake and wrestpicious often referred to by her nickname Girl Dynamite. American professional wrestling television series Independent professional wrestling promotions based in Florida Women’s professional wrestling promotions American television series debuts Companies established in Companies based in Tampa, Florida Sports in Tampa, Florida establishments in Florida.

I believe that was the show’s co-host, Leyla. So for example, the following description: Fort Brooke circa Its offerings are similar to satellite and cable companies. The commentary wasn’t as grating, although I found “shades of Lord Alfred Hayes!

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Kaoru “Danpu” Matsumotoone of Japan’s leading pro wrestlers in the s. Felony puts Texas in a straight jacket and leans back, pressing her legs against Texas’s back. This is a nice change from the WWE; of course a match would be nice.

Retrieved May 16, That said, Lacey Von Erich really just cannot wrestle. Deebs love of wrestling began when she was 11 after watching a World Wrestling Federation show, despite her love of wrestling, her main passion as a child, from the age of five until she actively pursued wrestling at 18, was association football.


On Volume 19 on July 5, she made her debut in competition in a losing effort to Allison Danger. The things that should have been sexy were either funny or botched. When she became champion, Deeb became the target of Beth Phoenix and managed to defend her belt successfully against her once on September 16s house show, Deeb went on an undefeated streak in March and April but this was brought to a halt by Lea in May. Don’t know what she said From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The one redeeming quality of this show continues to be the match itslef. It’s properly skimpy, showcases her boobs and doesn’t make her look like a train wreck that’s just her hair and that horrible blue eyeshadow.

Later that month, a match between her and Phoenix went to a no contest after interference and was changed into a tag match. Charlotte is indie darling Amber O’Neal, so let’s see if she sticks her ass in someone’s face, cause if that doesn’t sound like Wrestlicious, I don’t know what does.

Leroy Boudin blanc Since: Professional wrestling portal Women’s sport portal. As of summerWrestilicious has yet to release a second season, secure a television deal, or promote new shows. He described seeing a wall of red mangroves spread mile after mile, some reaching as high as 70 feet. Telegraphed double arm drags by Texas and a dropkick for a 2 count.

They have now announced themselves as Team Blondage 2. I was sure he was going to reference Roddy Piper when talking about that sleeper hold or Triple H. Augustine is one of oldest cities in Florida, established in Perez hitting a dropkick on a seated Veda Scott. Martinez hitting her Bull Run on Leah von Dutch. I’d rather see a nerd spend his lottery winnings on this than another ROH style promotion.

Simmons began her career on the independent circuit, wrestling under the names Ashley Lane. It was announced on March 27, that Wrestlicious TakeDown will begin airing on many television stations throughout the United States starting around April 1 and May 1, In Mexico, professional wrestling is called lucha libre, and women wrestlers are called luchadoras, the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, or World Wrestling Council, has a womens division.

Joseph Clayton became president and chief officer of the company in June The ropes, by the way, look like those foam noodles you play with in the pool. Later in the night, as part of the Volume 26, she was defeated by Jessie McKay in a four—way match and she was scheduled for the 4th anniversary on November 8, but was unable to appear due to the possibility to receive more training in Mexico.


Serena Deeb graduated from Oakton High School, located in Vienna, Virginia, though she began training for wrestling at age 18, she coupled this with an academic career, studying for her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish until graduating in from Indiana University Southeast. I can see that the girls are having alot of fun wrestling in character and that on top of a paycheck seems to be the reason the more established workers are doing this show.

I was just thinking to myself, self this could really use some split screen work with a punny name. The announcer calls the girls the future of wrestling, well wrestling is in a lot of trouble then!


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On October 22, as part of Volume 7, later in the night however she got a victory by pinfall over Josie after hitting with her STO Finishing Manoeuvre. Following this, she transitioned into a role and began acting as a valet for Derek Wylde. As of summerWrestilicious has yet to release a second season, secure a television deal, or promote new shows. Serena Deeb wrestling in Paris in March Holly returned to the ring on May 16, adopting the ring name Amber ONeal and she changed her name because of her respect for Nora Greenwald, who used the ring name Molly Holly.

Rayne right with Sky and Lacey Von Erich. She formerly wrestles in Ring of Honor in their Women of Honor division as well as various promotions on the U.