As an interesting bit of trivia, Mihail Bilalov only recently resurrected his acting career. The scene is set in a gymnasium hall with large mat in the middle used for martial arts practice. And since the stupid site wants me 10 lines of text, here is some bullshit to fill this requirement. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. Ivanov impress in Season 1 with creating fascinating characters, setting up the major conflicts and intricate story lines within the Bulgarian Mafia underworld. Apart from the abysmal lack of acting skills, actors themselves are certainly far from physically appealing, this doing little to evoke any sympathy towards their characters. Finally, one should commend the style of the series – it has the shiny prime time, audience-grabbing package, but the content inside it makes it look uneven and inadequate.

Gone is the sophistication of the story lines and characters. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The plot is a classical gangster action-drama, similar to “The Godfather” or “Brigada”. Sunny is no good sorry is devastating how stiff she is. You will feel everything together with the actors and you will fear for their life, just like in reality. This series is part of a trend in Bulgarian visual entertainment where local peculiarities are dressed in shiny Hollywood-style camera work, soundtrack usage and stock characters, resulting in a product that should, at least on paper, be interesting to follow.

Mockery with a policemen, trespassing. I believe with some help he can improve though. Even the wxtch Bilalov does not have much to work with here. What could make a little bad impression in the third season are the “hidden” advertisements. It actually feels like a different series altogether. As a summary – the first season is awesome. The second season is not worse, despite the little moving away from the realism.

The directors of the series have done a great job of getting the story on film with impressive visual flare.


Pod prikritie

They want us to inspect the car. Really impressed with the quality and the story line is so captivating. Overall,this is one of the better new entries in Bulgarian cinema. Was this review helpful?

All the while, the brilliant score provides the necessary emotional backdrop against which the characters’ sentiments can be played out.

If it wasn’t you, but someone else, prikritue would we do with him? You better wait for the chief. If you like movies like “Commando” or “Die Hard” 4 ,you will enjoy this show. There is plenty of heart-pounding action, poignant drama, sex, forbidden romance, black comedy and nerve-rattling suspense.

The screenplay is extremely close to the world of modern Bulgaria- the political games, the judicial system problems, the corruption, the underground mob hiding behind the dirty world of business, the drug markets Only the very end is disappointing.

So what would you do when you run away? One actor’s performance in particular stands out as a tour-de-force. This was an excellent show from Season Also the artists are just great!!!

The story, as the snglish “Undercover” suggests, is about a cop who infiltrates an underworld organization. As for the story I would not change a bit of it. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

Because of this movie, I searched more info about Bulgaria, history, culture Do you still want to be a cop? As an interesting bit of trivia, Mihail Bilalov only recently resurrected his acting career. The scene is set in a gymnasium hall with large mat in the middle used for martial arts practice.

Unless you come from a post-communist Eastern Bloc country. It’s surprising how the producers managed to keep the top level of the series for such a long time with such a low budget. I know you have nowhere to go, but And the good guys, well they just became complete idiots in this season. Great script, which is very close to real life and the real mafia in Bulgaria no so long ago.


Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! In the series there are a lot of Bulgarian inside jokes, so I assume it would be slightly harder for international viewers to understand the jokes from time to time.

It makes a thorough and deep analysis of the criminal world, it shows its hierarchy, participants, but also highlights gangs’ human side. The endless spirit of the characters transports us into a parallel universe where the power is endless and unprecedented. The writing gets better around mid-season, but it’s obvious that the whole production has failed to sustain the high standards of Season 1 and Season Think of him as a more menacing, less humorous version of Jack Nicholson’s character ‘Frank Costello’ from The Departed.

From his facial expressions to his body language, he is a master of his role and creates a character who is both believable as a human being and as the emblematic face of Bulgarian mafia.

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Bulgarian viewers might enjoy the whole subtit,es because it’s impossible to revolve in such a manner in real-life Bulgaria itself, or maybe because such a product appears in Bulgarian for the first time, thus feeling closer to the local audience.

They definitely know when one character is exhausted and they know when to take it off killed. Only, he would be cannibalizing an entire society.