The billiard ball is round His dedication to his duty is unrivaled. As the netherwordly configuration of violence and destruction dawn upon them, it likewise becomes clear. Eventually, Lizardo and his minions are destroyed. Everyone was so excited until the danger and threats to their lives begin and there is no turning back. Directed by Fernando Poe Jr.

Stumbling upon magical powers they soon after cross paths with the legendary warrior, Lawin. Anak ni Palaris – His First Movie. An unfortunate incident during an operation got him suspended and sent back to Manila. He played villain to lead actor, Zaldy Zshornack. Angered and challenged, he retaliates by working extra hard to solve tough crimes, and in the end proving that his being “probinsyano” is not the gauge to his true worth. Ininda niya ang pangyayari, kaya minarapat niyang mangimbang lugar para makalimot sa masakit na nakaraan. A soldier turned fisherman, Mario faces the consequences of his violent past as he struggles to avenge his wife and children. He started acting in when he was only 15 years old.

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Lamberto discovers that their land has a copper mine and the center of it is at Selmo’s. In a world where the most corrupt are the most powerful, is there a room for a good man’s quest for justice to succeed?

While fighting, I thought of FPJ a lot and followed his examples. Action, Comedy, Drama Actors: A gang of three boys and girls come in for an unexpected sojourn to a strange neverland, zapped by some mysterious force where they come face to face with an adventure of a lifetime. Two men from different backgrounds team up to win a billiards challenge in this underdog sports drama from the Philippines.

It was great since I never knew my parents and being half American, like him, was made more meaningful. Reyes’ character proves a natural at the sport, and the two work their way to the national championships, where it’s a do-or-die faceoff with some of the country’s best players.


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With Fernando Poe Jr. Angelita started to search for her parents watdh along her way, touched various lives both poor and rich until she found her mother, Janet Helen Gamboa. Nang dahil sa pagtupad niya sa kaniyang tungkulin bilang pulis, napatay ni Eliseo Fernando Poe Jr.

Taong Lawin Mary Ann Galapin Sunday, September 30, FPJ: Tough Guy – His Biggest Break. Stumbling upon magical powers they soon after cross paths with the legendary warrior, Lawin.

Home Movies Watch Pepeng Kuryente Cast Fernando Poe Jr. She was his employer.

Their leader, Carding FPJ was summoned by his grandfather to go to a place and discover a hidden treasure. Directed by Fernando Poe Jr.

The screen explodes once more as the undisputed King of Action takes on the role of a modern day crusader in this exciting, action-packed movie that pits the powers of goodness against the forces of evil. The drug lord who controls these pushers movei a hitman named Carlos to hunt down Ruben for meddling in his affairs. Mando is a thief and Carding is a respectful lawyer. Downloads Wrong links Moive links Missing download Add new mirror links.

Thank you Sir for posting this. Eight years latera sequel was made that followed the events where Part 1 had left off. Siya ba’y isang bayani o isang kriminal?

The job is easy but the danger is so close to him especially in the envious and cruel eyes of Rodrigo Jess Lapid who happens to be watcj nephew of Don Agustin, the ranch owner. Army Major Ruben Medrano was once a part of an elite anti-kidnapping task force. There he tries to renew ties pepenng his daughter Marissa who has been living with his dead wife’s sister Mariel.

Taong Lawin Ang Probinsyano Synopsis: Panday is a blacksmith whose real name is Flavio. Ramon pursues Amor and in the end, slowly manages to catch her affection. Vicky was spoiled brat who running away from her rich father kaliwetf forced her married to another man whom she didn’t loved, they accidently met in fosert when Roman fixed the truck but Roman belives she was an orphan follow their misadventures Cast: He comes back to hunt the heinous man.


His being “promdi” makes him the butt of many humiliating jokes thrown-in by Manila policemen who believe that their being city-bred guarantees their superiority. He saves the gang leader’s life but instead of thanking him, they tried to moie him. The only choice they have is for them kids to hook up with Lawin for the final battle for neverland. Roman was poor orphan who worked as Truck Drvier along his two friends. Too much injustice and abuse led to the lost of many lives not to mention the paid support of the police authority that drove Mr.

The ball rolls and so is his life when he was falsely accused of playing the game backward. With clenched fist, he has to come back and fight not only for his family but also for the oppressed and the welfare of their well-loved Samonte Sugar Estate.

He uses this magical sword to fight the evil Lizardo Max Alvarado and other supernatural beings. But then the crazy Mayflower…. Kaliwtee though our Darling Julie has been dead for 6 years at that time, Da King’s character Berting made an homage to Julie as he visited her daughter Angela’s grave during the early parts of the sequel. As the netherwordly configuration of violence and destruction dawn upon them, it likewise becomes clear.

Tata Temio Bentot Jr. Because of greed, Lamberto plans to take Selmo’s land kalieete way is possible.