Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Are these full episodes or just clips from episodes? The similarities are uncanny- the desperate drive to win, a relentless and dedicated approach to training and to have the most colourful and sparkly cos-cos-costumes and cosmetics. Thank you so much for posting those links. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Surf ad-free Upgrade to premium membership. Dancing down under documentary By whatsupcupcake On Fri Aug 17, Dancing down under documentary By celticfeet On Thu Jul 19,

Dancing down under documentary By mmsciv On Fri Jul 20, Ceili take on her biggest competition, Marigold who also happens to be her classmate at the Dancing down under documentary By steenyvegetables On Wed Jul 18, Some of the signature moves came from experimenting at the session. Australians Brent and Sarah have both sacrificed a lot to compete at the Worlds in Dublin. The Irish have added their own unique steps and music to this dancing to make it energetic, rhythmic and great fun.

So there is hope.

Dancing Down Under

Founded inDance. To me, there is a hollowness about this spectacle that is quite sad. Feel the adrenaline rush and the hearts pound as they perform in front of thousands. Dancing down under documentary karma: The style is with the feet very low and flat to the floor, sometimes silently pushing and swishing around the floor, and other times making a rhythmic tattoo on the floor that is hypnotic.

I was reminded yet again this week that most people are only aware of one style of Irish dance- Irish step dancing, brought to world fame by the Riverdance production.


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Just re-found this link of the Australian Irish Dance Championships Dance of Champions that had a few of the dancers from the show in it: It’s one of my favorite dance of champion videos. I share that feeling but those steps are not always in keeping with the traditional flat style of set dancing, particularly in Clare, Kerry, Galway and surrounding areas.

MOST Irish traditional music is very lively, and it really makes you want to tap, hop, skip and generally jump for joy. This site uses cookies. The biggest difference in style is being whether the dance is balletic — with pointed toes and high on the balls of the feet — or a relaxed, flatter, gliding style with more damhssa of the heels.

Wath last video posted looks damhxa from July 17th. Join a handful of Australian Irish dancers on their roller coaster journeys to the Nationals and For those of you wh o have learned snow skii ng, the same principles apply — bend ze knees and get control over your movements. Will they hold it together and pull off a win? eown

Damhsa Down Under: Irish Dancing in Australia

I have found it most tricky explaining the style to dancers who already dance many other styles because it can seem counter-intuitive to them. Thousands of dancers compete each year for a title at the National Irish Dancing Competition. But mostly, the influences have come from my years dancing in Ireland, and in Clare, reflecting many of the Clare dance moves we know and love, with a few twists.


I’ve been wanting to qatch this so badly, thank you!

Dance Down Under – Strictly Irish? | Irish Bliss

Dancing down under documentary By treblejiggernaut On Thu Jul 19, Watcch called Irish Dancing and it’s the craze that’s sweeping across Australia. Part 2 Irish Bliss. Not that I’m complaining because I watched them all; just curious! Do yourself a favour and get hold of the DVD. Twitter Facebook Google Email Reddit.

The Australians arrive in Dublin to dance against the best in the world at the World Irish Notify me of new comments via email. Anyone know where to find the first 4 online for someone watching from the USA?

But mostly, I am left cold watching these performances, as the experience seems lacking in joy and spirit, the music is like wallpaper — just background, and not damusa to the rhythm and meaning of the dance. Listen to the rhythm of the music to keep time. I love trawling YouTube for Irish dancing of all different styles, and I find myself going back to the older recordings — not that long ago, but not contemporary. Email required Address never made public.