Boyong drinks the transformation serum to keep his human form. As she continues to take sleep for granted, three sleeping fairies punished Maan, making her fall asleep, whenever, wherever and whatever she is doing. Paul is a young boy who always disagrees with the strictness of his father. Tonton is a young boy who is fond of eating junk food and skipping meals. When she is given a magical image of Greek god Janus that has the ability to show her past and future, Melody goes back to her childhood and changes her own fate. So Motra decided to kill Kwin before she does. After eating a magical candy, Macky and his friends become teenagers.

This page was last edited on 18 February , at When the leader of a germ colony decided to make her eyes as their colony’s new home, Maita acquired super vision powers which enabled her to see through things like a microscope. She curses Mike’s wife, Jackie, so that their baby will die. Mac, is a girl who is always lazy and spoiled, will be kidnapped by a witch named Mirror Ruka, and she will be trapped inside a mirror. In the end, he realized that loving one’s self outbalanced all other loves. An episode which will teach the importance of being appreciative. As he realizes the differences between Sioneng and Sonia, Raprap decides to bring back everything the way it was.

Ballpen De Sarah Pen Juan eventually learns a lesson. However, the praises get into her head and she becomes overly confident of herself. Monica, an ugly nerd woman fell in love with Yoshi, the campus crush, but was discouraged.

WANSAPANATAYM ‘Perfecto’ September 20, Finale Teaser – video dailymotion

They understand her and forgive her. But the mermaid story runs deep when Almira’s mother took the Pearl that the Sea King perecto. Because of her eagerness to earn more, Jingle disobeys her father’s principle and enters the business of selling smuggled Christmas decorations. Ang bagong kampeon ng bagong taon After magically changing their house, Raprap transforms her mother into the sophisticated and rich woman Sonia.

Perfecto: Part 1

When she had already in the city, she met Bebot again and learns that he is the son wansapanztaym the woman. Philip and Alice are two friends who are the kids of old flames.


Jessy MendiolaJ. Yayo is a young girl with asthma who needed to go to a remote pervecto of her province to cure her illness. Only her mother knew that she was Lena and soon her aunt and Jeffrey find out when her mother was sent out from the psychiatric institution.

While his partner on his show helps him find couples in order to meet their true loves. The story revolves around the adventures of Jack, Vera, Rex and their quest to solve puzzles from the past that will greatly affect the future. Charles is the handsome boss and secret crush of an ugly duckling named Elaine. In spite of losing her boyfriend, she regains another important person in her life when she finally reunites with her long lost sister.

It tells the story of how to find the perfect one.

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Her grandma told her a story about Ang Suy-yod: Super K heard the gunshot that was fired from Horje’s gun. One day, Carl’s little brother Julian tripped over a wire septembeer disconnected parts of the car! In the end, will Jingle finally learn the consequences of being greedy with money when she puts her family’s life at risk? The story of sisters Petra and Aya who are working in a pepper farm owned by their cruel aunt. A story that will teach the importance of parents’ guidance, and how important it is as children to obey them.

Nanding is a man who received the wrath of a river fairy because of his lack of wamsapanataym for the environment.

However, the young man’s mother disapproves of their relationship and even threatens Jasmin, which forces them to part ways. As she continues to kill and ruin all the plants that her mom planted, Rose discovers that there are magical pixies looking after their garden.

Wanda who secretly harbors feelings for her friend offers help. Perry is a young man who wanted to be perfect to please septwmber mother and his crush Kylie. So a man saves her and brings her mother to the hospital. Pia, a vain narcissist works as a car sales agent, while Upeng is an ugly woman but kind and has a sweet voice was struck by lightning on the same place and switched their bodies.


WANSAPANATAYM ‘Perfecto’ September 20, 2014 Finale Teaser

Replay of episode Cast: He is later punished, which is being turned into a rat himself. Uunlike Jasmin, Daisy has so much hatred in her heart due to the perfedto she experienced under her foster parents’ care, keeping her gull seedling from turning into white. Her father got angry and kicked her out the house and so Valentina continued her quest. An Easter Sunday special that tells a story about Ester, a girl who magically turns herself into a human rabbit. The next morning, Dong Pagong told Kikay that she must retrieve the magical pearl from the giant octopus to save all sea creatures from certain wansapaataym.

Terry owns a fairy doll Kitkat in which she shares all her wishes. Si Lulu at si Lily Liit: Their special “skill” helped them survive. It is a story about Rico, who finds a miniature castle that can transport him to a world of fairy tales where Princess Leyla lives.

While at the cemetery, she meets Pamboy, a young boy who challenges sptember in making a ball made of candle wax. Nicole works at the Lingap Tahanan Orphanage. Karina Toni Gonzaga is a young woman who dislikes Christmas because her family was separated and she was left alone with their maid.

But after using the scarf, she became selfish eansapanataym self-centered causing the magic scarf to lose its powers. A perfect story for the whole family this Halloween. Kenny wants to help his dad, a police officer, in seizing Black Shadow, a well-known cat burglar.

As she continues to be self-centered, Pinay becomes greedier when she is given a magical feather that makes the sizes of the things around her a lot bigger.