The origin tale of the villain Nox. This page was last edited on 12 February , at After burying Rubilax, he aimlessly wanders the desert to the grave of his late Master Goultard, who, unexpectedly, ends up being resurrected. At first, Noximilien accuses the debt collector of lying and wanting to steal his inventions, but a vision of the island being flooded causes Noximilien to go mad with rage. When looking for Ruel at the beginning of the labyrinth, Yugo, Eva and Amalia are turned into pigs. But her journey is interrupted when she comes across a crumbling village, and is targeted by a crafty Rogue named Remington Smisse, and his bow-meow brother, Grany.

Amalia is shocked, but finds it hard to believe that he would do it. She goes into a sadistic fight against Flopin and Eva and they somehow manage to fight her off but launching her into a Well of Shadows — a representation of her own soul, dark, evil, and chaotic — but she fires an energy bolt as she falls in, striking Eva in the womb and electrocuting her. He overpowers the group and eats more kamas. His spirits pleads with Rubilax to help like he did the last time he died after the battle with Razortime. All this peace is brought on its face when they receive word from Otomai, a year-old alchemist who is in the current employ of the Sadidas, that the Sadida Kingdom is in danger of being wiped off the map thanks to a massive flood caused by Ogrest, a powerful demi-god Ogre created by Otomai. Qilby brags that he will make the Eliatrope race into what it once was and explore the Krosmoz once more.

They are forced to help her in exchange for the sap, but when the tasks become tedious and monotonous, Ruel instead decides to steal some sap.

When he gets to the top, he finds that the sisters are actually ugly because of a curse put on them after the picky girls had ridiculed every single suitor. Yugo asks her to come help find Percedal, but she is hesitant.

In order to stop him, the Pe of the Tofu is formed, and the gang must go their separate ways. The war for the Crimson Claws continues.

Nox manipulates time to age Alibert rapidly and he calls Yugo a Eliatrope, swearing to get Yugo’s Wakfu one day. Yugo, sick of this talk about supposed destiny, deduces that Qilby is doing all this because he is afraid of being alone again, evidenced that he had plenty of opportunities to kill them, but did not, as well as his desire for his sister Shinonome.


They learn that the only cure to a Red Rose bite is sap from the rare Severum tree, which is located deep in the nearby Maleficent Forest. After defeating a mysterious foe with powers over time, who wants Grougaloragran’s life force, or “Wakfu”, Grougaloragran comes across Alibert, who is quitting his profession as a bounty hunter after almost taking a innocent man to jail.

Their 65 combined with 5 specials brings the total to 70 episodes. She discovers the Fake Ruel among their party and captures him. Only Oropo’s power is preventing the tower itself from collapsing, but only barely. He also leaves a message for the adoptive father, along with a baby Tofu Bird.

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Oropo and Adamai set the pieces with those alive gently on the ground, allowing everyone to reunite and for Percedal to meet his new son. Yugo uses his powers to send their battlefield into space to avoid destroying the world.

Yugo’s friends agree to help him find his real family set off for the adventure. The Clock falls apart from the fight and the Sadidas move into finish Nox off, only to be stopped by Yugo, seeing that despite all the destruction, Nox was doing this to save his family and that he’s already been beaten. Az had settled down with female Tofu with babies of his own, while Yugo is ruxhu with his growing romantic feelings for Amalia.

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The Fake Ruel aaison with Yugo about his love for Amalia, wondering if she’d ever feel the same ever she ever stopped the stubborn princess routine. McDeek eats them and turns into chocolate. The two brothers fight Nox and briefly overpower him. With Father defeated, and worried about Mother finding out, the Bullies flee, leaving the Puddles to live in peace.

Views Read Edit View history. He sends Adamai to find the cause, finding it to be the son that is coming. When he and Amalia depart to wed, his goons take the rest captive and reveal their true plan: Ruel, afraid his own kamas will be stolen, retreats into his magical bag, and uses a recall potion to return home.


His research turns into obsession; dw body begins to wither from malnutrition, his movements become more erratic, and his wamfu becomes unstable.

Yugo, feeling guilty after their falling out, and Ruel have been searching all over the world to find Adamai, but they keep finding no trace.

Yugo and Adamai have obtained Grougaloragran’s Dofus, and begin making their way to the Sadida Kingdom to join their friends.

After burying Rubilax, he aimlessly wanders the desert to the grave of his late Master Goultard, who, unexpectedly, ends up being resurrected. Not wanting to turn a blind eye to turmoil, and needing food themselves, the group decide to help train the Puddles so they can be ready for the next raid.

Amalia, Yugo, and Percedal fight Vampyro, but he proves to be too powerful. The Bullies attack again, eakfu the group, along with the Puddles, quickly overpower them.

Adamai says they are no longer brothers before departing for good. Cleo arrives to save her sister, but Eva is shot in the shoulder. This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat Yugo and Adamai work at Alibert’s Inn, which has become famous with Yugo and rishu friends saving the world multiple times.

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Nox thanks Yugo before teleporting away. The mysterious figure, calling himself Oropo and accompanied by Adamai, disengages the bubble and sends them back to their normal age, coercing them to enter and fight his brotherhood of demigods. In the end, without telling anyone, Eva takes Skribble with her, and begins her adventure to find Rubilaxia But when he gets severely beaten, Rubilax causes chaos when he takes control of Dally, and makes him go out of control.

Grougaloragran leaves the baby carriage with Alibert, believing that he will be a good father to the baby inside. The machine overpowers them and kills Percedal, only to be later destroyed by Ruel and Master Joris.

The group goes to Kelba Market in search of a map to begin their quest.