The second photo is the “Parking” set. See more of my work on black here. Thanks to trrhodes and Crazynlazyguy for your testimonials, i really appreciate it: This image is available for licencing. In the castle was used as a fortress of the New Zealanders, who planned to delay the descent of the Nazis to Thessaly. All my images are under full copyright. My brother Walmir would paint it like this

I was happy to get strong colors a few days ago, even though the resulting image definitely crosses the Kitsch borderline again. I just love watching all the birds come around the pond, ideal place for them with all the trees around to take cover after,. I used several of my own fairly colorful bokeh layers, plus Florabella Texture Eternal Warm around the border. I really appreciate it. Hope you guys are having as much fun as we are this weekend!!! Better Large-A re-cut of a previous picture that needed to be brought up to date. Is it bigger than a bread bag?

Wrapped in the garments of natural beauty, Facing the force of the burgeoning call- Strong in the seasons of life and creation, Firm on foundations that never will fall.

Real Gone Kid by Deacon Blue. Do not use my images without my written permission, even for a non commercial use. I figured I’d practice my post-processing skills while recharging to get new ideas.

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But I am quite happy the way this shot turned out and I loved that tree and its interesting shape which totally makes this shot in my opinion. City Hall will soon be Home of Visual Arts in Explore Trending More More. Come now and sing of mists in the forest, Sensual sonnets of songs in the dirt- Come and behold the delicate balance Of seasons and reasons and fi,m And birth.


The second photo is the “Parking” set. Because what nature creates has eternity in it. For sale on getty images.

Cesta do neznáma

Top end of the cully by – Hob. You can view them at this link: Every time I taste spice drops, I remember my Grandma Wolf. Winter lies too long in country towns; hangs on until it is stale and shabby, old and sullen.

Apperantly it’s fate is in a stale mate at the moment with the people owning it and the officials. Grant home in Galena, Illinois, depicting a typical late 19th century apothecary or general store, I believe.

Time to break the mold?

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Her textures are really so divine! Related groups — stale View all It’s new car smell replaced by the smell of stale tobacco and mildew, vlaj for the day when it’s hauled away to the crusher, praying that someone will take it home and love it again. I used several of my own fairly colorful bokeh layers, plus Florabella Texture Eternal Warm around the border.

Is it bigger than a bread bag?

Happy Friday the 13th are you superstitious? Mam velice rad tohto pejska pretoze ma stale sprevadza na mojich potulkach do neznama a aj ked sa nerad foti aj tak je to ten najvacsi pozer!

Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum, of course, is still around. Washed by confessional Smoldering awe.


Sorry to all you purist photographers, but I was getting stale shooting straight pictures and felt the need to try something different with my work, so I have been experimenting again.

Yo flickr, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but large on black is the best picture of all time. After the conquest valk the Byzantine troops, the Turks occupied the castle for the neznaka time around inbut soon fell into Venetian possession.

Brink by Benjeev Rendhava. Severed connections, squandered projections- Revered reflections, stammering tongues- Coined by controlling contriving convections, In different directions now written in stone. The most common reference to breadboxes is the phrase “Is it bigger than a breadbox?

The owners claim the state has said no while the state claim they’ve offered help but been rejected. Sometimes I feel that my stream is getting stale. Bromo – Tengger – Semeru National Park. I took this shot pointing at the opposite direction of the canyon, placing the mountain peak to the right and the interesting Utah Juniper tree as my foreground interest.

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One of my music videos with a noir feel www. They protect their contents from mice and other pests. That being said, I do not think it is my right to attempt to force a person to change.