And I am told Edge is not as secure as Firefox which had a major update and is much faster. Casting from Media Player is a little flaky, but eventually works, however cannot cast at all now from Edge to Panasonic DVR connected via ethernet. Good ole MS just yielded to Google Chrome! If I find an mp3 in file explorer I can cast to device, but not from edge. Jun 22, T The other competitors are not sleeping!

Looks like MS wants us to buy new TVs instead. Oct 19, T Well, you often don’t even get a pint of beer for that amount. Apr 22, T If I find an mp3 in file explorer I can cast to device, but not from edge. Aug 29, T Nov 28, T May 17, T

Streaming video in Xbox Edge randomly after minutes just drops back to the Xbox One home, no errors, Edge just quits… So back to installing Chrome and the VGet extensions which is working flawlessly, which was a xxbox to get working, but no where near as frustrating as it vgeet now become with Edge on Windows 10 and Xbox One… Please Microsoft, publically come clean on your intention or fix these issues!

Apr 29, T Hope you guys find fix. You can open any browser in this way so that is no longer a feature of Edge. May 8, T Thanks Mike B but I think you are wasting your breath.

We’ve streamed a range of content from our network to the Xbox One without a hitch: Chromecast was first released in and quickly garnered good reviews and won over many users across the globe.


I use the EDGE feature to provide multimedia instruction to Middle school students enrolled in afterschool programs. I really recommend this solution, it works flawlessly. Dec 13, T So, I hopped back into Insider, since xbkx Fall update is near final.

DLNA devices not shown in “Cast media to device” – Microsoft Edge Development

IF this bug is only causing a problem for 51 people, I doubt it gets fixed. Dbox 14, T Fortnite may soon have a pirate theme thanks to Season 8 updates. Image viewer dialog window Loading image, please wait Aug 21, T I went back to anniversary build in August and then used wushowhide to block kb privacy reviews without which you will not be offered creators update but still get all the important security updates.

Have csst already tried streaming video from Opera with Chromecast support? I have tried over 10 times to like this browser.

List of UPnP AV media servers and clients

Do we know if this issue has been fixed. This has caused me to waste hours tinkering with all kinds of settings trying to fix a problem which I assumed was particular to my PC.

I was able to do this before the update. I think the update defaulted it as turned off. I have wasted some hours starting and restarting my PC and my TV without success.

Same issue, No DLNA support for Edge is like removing features instead of adding new features to compete with other browsers…. Help make the web just work! Agree with last post Chi O is the apprentice, makes the tea as well!!


Then you identify the file and across it goes. Avo is a new iOS game that is best described as “television you can touch”. Microsoft fucked everything …fucking bunch of losers …keep removing features every other week… fuck them.

May 2, T Bear in mind that your vfet will need to be able to play the files – ie, have the codecs for the video format.

Go fuck yourselves Microsoft. No problems at all prior. Microsoft Edge Team James M. Identifying a root cause helps us resolve issues more quickly. Reluctantly installed Chrome for this kind of tasks.


Some things to consider before posting or commenting: Dec 21, T Concequently of this issue in addition to issues with updating I have upgraded one PC from W10 to Xhox. Torben, you might have missed some less-publicized news. Same problem, very frustrating.

I hope this helps some or all of you.