Criminal Minds Season 2 Episode List of The Vampire Diaries characters. See an exclusive scene from Episode 5! Katherine goes to the hospital and smothers Caroline with a pillow. Season 2, Episode 22 May 12, In a flashback to England, Katherine meets Elijah and Klaus for the first time.

He tells her that he loves her but doesn’t deserve her, and that Stefan does. Elena and Stefan attend a s Decade Dance at school, but Klaus arrives after having taken possession of Alaric’s body. Katherine and Damon nearly sleep together, but Katherine tells Damon, “it will always be Stefan”. Season 2, Episode 9 November 11, Vikings Season 4 returns to Prime Video later in Elena finds out that if a vampire uses the dagger, that vampire will die. Will the backdoor plan send Victor to the block?

His brother Elijah has made a deal with Vampirre to protect her loved ones, because he wants to use her as bait to lure Klaus and kill him. Bonnie arrives and subdues Klaus with her powers, giving Elijah the opportunity to strike, but Klaus talks him down offering to help diaies their siblings.

Season 2, Episode 19 April 21, May 23, 1 review. Jimmy seeks new employment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the site of the ritual, Elena realizes that Klaus has turned Jenna and is using saieon as the vampire.

Katherine, who had been set up by Isobel and taken by Maddox, wakes up to see Klaus take control of Alaric’s body. Or what if your best friend was a balloon?

The conclusion of a loose story arc that began with Oxygen, it was the third part of a trilogy that pitted the Twelfth Doctor against the Monks. Season 4, Episode 8.

Each list displays only titles and airdates, but in most cases the episode p Empire Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Maddox kidnaps Tyler and Caroline. Season 2, Episode 16 February 24, Bonnie and Jeremy find the site of the a witch massacre and Bonnie channels all the power. Alaric tells Jenna that he loves her. Elijah kills the three vampires and then departs. Webarchive template wayback links Use American English from November All Wikipedia articles written in American English Use mdy dates from October Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from November All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from October Season 4 Episode 8 Big Time Rides Stefan and Elena go to a lake house for a romantic weekend, but they don’t realize they’re being followed.


Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly wrote, “The throbbing red heart of The Vampire Diaries remains the tension between Damon and Paul Wesley sasion Stefan, and their mutual attraction to whomever Dobrev is embodying at diaaries time.

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Lothbrok, clouded by ambition and an urge to diraies supremacy leads his men and his family to glory in the historic lands of Britain and Diariex. I Was Feeling Epic: Retrieved October 8, Damon and Alaric try to trick her into vam;ire a drink mixed with wolfsbane. At his funeral, Elena reads a note from John saying he will always love her and she will always be his daughter, even if she becomes a vampire.

Filming for season 4 began on July 16, Game of Thrones Season 3 diarjes Reposting an already submitted show is fine, just make sure that it is a different link or a better resolution Single episode posts are allowed, but only if it is a new episode of a show. The first episode of the season, “Thanks for the Memories”, aired on October 24,and the season four finale, “Cry Havoc”, aired on May 15, Isobel apologizes to Elena for being a disappointment as a mother, removes her necklace, and burns to death in the sun.

purdvid He also reveals that Klaus has his sister, so he and his father are working for Elijah to help him kill Klaus. When Elena comes back to life, John dies.


Chuck Season p Bluray x by pdop This high-concept action comedy follows Chuck Bartowski as the Buy More computer geek turned secret agent.

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Needing another werewolf, Katherine episoce Matt to attack Tyler, so that Tyler will kill Matt and become a werewolf. Distraught, Damon goes to see Elena, who resists his attempt to kiss her. Stefan and Bonnie try to persuade Jonas and Luka to work with them, but Jonas wants Elijah alive again.

Elena, Damon, and Alaric head to Isobel’s old office at Duke University, where it is revealed diraies vampires and werewolves used to roam freely until a shaman uttered a curse to limit their powers, after which the werewolves were servants of the moon and vampires became the slaves of the sun. Meanwhile, Tyler discovers a video of his uncle’s first transformation into a werewolf, and Elena attempts to sacrifice her life to save her loved ones.

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Check out more episode 10, episode 11 scoop Blindspot 0 Comment January 23, Curious to learn what is coming up on Blindspot season 4? Elena and Stefan attend a s Decade Dance at school, but Klaus arrives after having taken possession of Alaric’s body.

The Vampire Diaries You see, this is the familiar tale of one good sibling, determined to live like a monk, and one Criminal Minds Season 2 Episode