Because peer e kamil has it’s own charm and worth. In second quarter of Novel: It is the second part of novel Peer-e-Kamil. It was like digging a mountain to find a rat. The words stop here. Are you excited to know whether they lived happily ever after or not? Umera Ahmed boldly called out to the daylight robbing.

It’s hard but I am going to try to be very sincere with my review, and it is going to offend like I was offended by the book many a time. Jul 03, Daisy Dane rated it it was ok. This is the great novel and teaches to have faith on Allah. I found this story complete and satisfactory by the end of the novel. A very very important read at a very important stage in my life. Aab-e-hayat was NOT perfection like its prequel.

To view it, click here. And, y’all please tell nvel, is there not another respectable profession besides business and medicine?. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Seems a little judgemental and needs more thinking and exploration into the heart of the matter.

آبِ حیات (Aab-e-Hayat)

The prophet PBUH said: Cant read them properly. I just want to point out the demerits with the merits.

It gave an in-depth analysis in the life of Salar and Imama post marriage. While it didnt do urdh, this book did however confirm my misgivings about it. Now I’ve read some books and romance is my favorite genre and I’ve my fair share of some cheap and dirty ones as well but after ‘cheap’ romance novel, you got to have to read some from E.

Aug 01, Areej Ilyas rated it it was amazing. We at paksociety works to fill the gap between readers and book urcu, as these books were not available to readers outside Pakistan and within Pakistan too and with the advancement of technology publishers were not changing their methods, till date you ursu purchase any of these novels in e-book form but there are some fancy services which can send youyour desired novel at any place around the word, so to support writer we are asking you to Purchase it instead of using PDF book.


Overall it was an absorbing, engaging and somewhat eye-opening read. View all 29 comments.

Aab-e-Hayyat by Umera Ahmed – Episode 19

Maybe I am biased, maybe it’s hard for me to be objective but these are the things I felt and I have hayag be true to myself. Ayesha and Jibraeel had a perfect conversation in the end, Raeesa’s story although not clear was satisfactory.

Another thing really troubling me is that it should have been explained why it was questionable for a non-Muslim to be allowed to touch and read the Arabic text of Qur’an to prevent the possibility of misleading the unaware reader because: The courtship is sweet but the jealousy is just not cutting it, it was just a bit over the line.

When I first heard of it’s publication I was overcome by a sense of ambivalence; a part of me was excited to know what she had in store for the readers as a sequel for almost everyone’s favourite novel but at the same time a part of me was scared that it might not live up to the standards set by its prequel. Its a story about the man, who falls, but rise up again, encountering every hardship in his career and with family; but never give up.

Imama and Salar have had their love story told, they are finally together and now they have to decide what kind of a life they are going to lead together.

Jun 21, Natasha rated it it was ok. Aab-e-hayat was NOT perfection like its prequel. Are you excited to know whether they lived happily ever after or not? Overall, it was very typical stuff with Salar’s brain tumor, Humain’s narrow escape, Chunni’s sbe and everything that could go right for one family! Read Aab-e-Hayyat Episode 12 in a very fine scan quality by following the link after the cover. How did the expert assassin miss the shot and was seen smiling even when he did?


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And thier movel tareen ” children ugh The book version has so many parts missing!!! It was very cool that Saad finally had his redemption after and through another generation. The preface says that its about the system of interest and how those Muslims who use it in any way lose their duniya and akhirah.

That’s really what’s happened in this novel, that Umama has died.

Kitab Dost: Aab e hayat novel by Umaira Ahmed Epi 9 Online Reading

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Jul 25, S. Aab-e-Hayyat is a fabulous novel by Umera Ahmed. Dec 30, Rameez Ahmad rated it it was ok. Apart from that, Umera Ahmed incorporated a bit too many supernatural details in novle story which didn’t seem very practical.

Who are ready to fight the oppressive world and keen to establish a pure islamic society and financial system. A very very important read at a very important stage in my life.

Throughout the course of this novel, I was looking for more details regarding Salaar’s new company SIF, but never found them and the story ended.