Margaret Kordas steps out of her high heels and spends a week working in her own stores. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Toronto headquartered Cineplex theaters plays host to 70 million guests annually. This page was last edited on 18 July , at But how will this media mogul perform on the ground floor away from his spreadsheets and head office corner suite? Undercover Boss Canada, episode 5: But workers blame head office for blunders, forcing the boss to make changes from the top down.

Then the hairdo and the glasses, they made it pretty good! In less than ten years the company has quadrupled in size and is now seen as a major player in the Canadian West. They’ve got to make a lot of decisions on the fly. As an undercover boss, she works as a Zumba instructor trainee, a maintenance worker and salesperson, whose competitive skills may not be up to snuff. Food Banks Canada is the national organization supporting food banks across the country. The construction industry is booming. But his own staff and customers have surprising solutions to reviving business, and when he reunites with the people he worked alongside, he makes a big difference to both their personal and work lives. Their reward will benefit an entire community.

Cxnada what happens when it’s over results in the season’s biggest employee rewards. It feels better now that I can tell people, because for a little while we were sworn to secrecy!

Undercover Boss Canada, episode 5: a bigwig with a big wig

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The newly appointed CEO of retail giant of Mexx Canada is determined to shake-up the shop floor when he works undercover. Calgary Transit boss Doug Morgan struggles to cope when he joins his staff to work in disguise, cleaning vomit off buses, work in fume-filled garages, and face dangerous public confrontations. After a four-year hiatus, Blair Stevens is back at the helm of fast-food favorite Wok Box. No, but one employee told epjsode I was too slow and that she wouldn’t recommend me for a job, which was kind of funny.


All is forgiven, though, when he gets a chance to make good and reveal his true identity at the end of it all. We’re all human, so they want to get some humour out of that. CEO Greg Roberts turns chicken fryer for the week Michael knows he also needs to cut costs — and that means getting creative. While in disguise she also discovers a few costly inefficiencies cnieplex wasted opportunities — and confronts a personal fear of spiders!

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They did an incredible job and they didn’t know who the episoode I was. From coast to coast, one in every 45 Canadians is a GoodLife member. Cooke Aquaculture is the Canadian leader in salmon farming, but they operate within an aggressive global market, and have to maintain production to safeguard jobs in Atlantic Canada.

But with tough City Council regulations and high overheads, drivers are struggling to make a living. The Creative Director of Liberty Entertainment Group, Nadia DiDonato, gives up her posh perks and poolside office to work in her own bars and banquet halls in disguise.

The CEO — a former national long-distance track star — is now pushing for Bellstar to become one of the top resort companies in North America. Together, they run a business that has takes 15 million passengers a year to where they want to go. Food Banks Canada is the national organization supporting food banks across the country. Was anybody rude to you while you were undercover?

But will she loosen the purse strings after traveling the country and seeing firsthand how her own staff are missing basic tools?

While working undercover, the first time mom-to-be discovers her employees offer food for thought and a fresh perspective. Recently, Smiciklas cleaned house, thinned corporate operations, and announced the dawn of a new era. I think they want to see what people at the higher levels do from the perspective of being involved with the staff.


Undercover Boss (Canada) – Cineplex Entertainment

And she discovers that workers aren’t performing as well as she’d like Now he heads a franchise operation with over locations, but the company has had a roller-coaster history with losses reputed to be running into millions of dollars.

Then he oversees a birthday party with a passive-aggressive mom, not enough pizza, a busted DVD player and 11 bratty kids why do kids turn evil at birthday parties? Stacey gets brewing with her frontline employees — her most valuable asset — and shows them what this really means.

City Councillor and Toronto Transit Commission Chair Karen Stintz goes undercover inside the country’s largest mass transit system to get her hands dirty with some of the toughest and grittiest jobs.

Undercover Boss (Canada) – Cineplex Entertainment – Dailymotion Video

Yeah, they wanted me to shave my moustache, which I haven’t done in over 35 years! Tv Tv Canada Undercover Boss.

Yeah, I was working out of my home and making sure my assistant gave me everything I needed. This page was last edited on 18 Julyat Oh wow, you were still doing your day job? Lube has built its reputation on quick oil changes, but as it expanding its slate of services, are staff keeping up?

Bellstar Hotel and Resorts is one of the rare Canadian companies doing well in this niche cinepkex, despite the volatile economy.

The Newfoundland-run company has embarked on aggressive expansion, to give rivals a run for their money. Even we get choked up when he gives a private screening of Casablanca to year-old movie lover Paul.