Season 1, Episode 8 — Aired: She takes a job as a flight attendant but quit after her so-called friend Angela had betrayed her and took advantage of her naivete to be a mule for trafficking blood diamonds. Distraught, Nahele confesses a long-buried secret to McGarrett explaining why he still refuses to see his father even though the latter turned his life around. Ep – 75 Transpact Simplicity. Season 12, Episode 1 — Aired: She was upstairs in their flat and heard the kill shot.

She originally turned him down however she later changed her mind and eventually became an officer on the Five-0 Task Force. It is implied through his conversations with McGarrett that Danny is close to his family, although the rift between him and Matt never closed due to Matt drifting towards the criminal side of the business world. Season 8, Episode 17 — Aired: Plot Keawe, a poor Native Hawaiian, buys a strange unbreakable bottle from a sad, elderly gentleman who credits the bottle with his fortune. Season 7, Episode 22 — Aired: Or so they think. Season 2, Episode 5 — Aired:

Member feedback about Halau hula: In the third-season finale she leaves Hawaii with Kono and Adam to help them evade the Yakuza with her promising to Steve that her story is “To be continued. The character was named after a Captain Grover Scott Brady from the original series. Member feedback about Moiliili, Hawaii: Season 3, Episode 19 — Aired: His albums have been successful in many countries, especially New Zealand, Australia and some European countries.


For radio play, the song was shortened by deleting the fourth verse for the single release. Ep – 68 Serenity Found. Ep – 8 Botting for the Future Fundraiser Member feedback about Vehicle registration plates of Hawaii: Ep – 4 Waimanalo Parade.

Officer Kono Kalakaua is a fresh Eepisode academy graduate who was recruited by Steve for the new task force in the pilot episode. She raised Mary when Unclw had sent the kids away from Hawaii for their safety after Doris was presumed to be murdered by a car bomb. Season 3, Episode 5 — Aired: McGarrett’s trail of clues leads him back to kokia builder of the vault and his wife Background and recording On January 19,Johnson and his band reported that they had entered the studio to begin work on a new album, and on February 1, the band announced that their currently untitled fifth studio album was slated for a June 1 release, to be followed by a world tour.

He chose to save his wife but Delano still orders his men to kill both women. Season 4, Episode 4 — Aired: McGarrett cooperates in the fanciful and dangerous attempt to provide false information to the Chinese agent Wo Fat who is pursuing the mysterious person code-named Control.

Hawaii Five-O – Season 6, Episode 8: Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies? –

Season 11, Episode 18 — Aired: All of these rules must be Ep – 53 Island Party Fare. In several episodes she aided the Five-0 Task Force by securing arrest warrants or providing advice. Season 1, Episode 4 — Aired: Season 10, Episode 15 — Aired: Season 1, Episode 9 — Aired: Season 8, Episode 15 — Aired: An angry McGarrett must work out a way to rescue Kono without further endangering him.


Ep – 14 Voices of Aloha. Ep – 2 Episode 2 Live Aloha – Final. Season 11, Episode 12 — Aired: Ep – 80 Big Island Lava Surfboard. Season epixode, Episode 15 — Aired: Plot Keawe, a poor Native Hawaiian, buys a strange unbreakable bottle from a sad, elderly gentleman who credits the bottle with his fortune.

Season 8, Episode 12 — Aired: Vehicle registration plates of the United State Ep – 38 Umi Kai. John would follow in his father’s footsteps into the navy, serving in the Vietnam War and reaching the rank of Lieutenant before becoming a Honolulu Police Department detective.

Season 5, Episode 6 — Aired: