Liked it better than The Walking Dead but that’s probably more to do with me actually caring for the source material and loving synths. It is not clearly stated which choice is good or bad, or whether it will in fact influence our gameplay. Probably make a Just in case backdoor. Bring back the main forum list. Bigby returns to the Witching Well at the Business Office to recount events to the assembled Fables of Woodlands, where he and Snow are forced to defend their actions against claims from the Fables. See Toad and Collin. They finally stopped with all the point n’ click tropes, and I don’t think the episode was lacking without them. Wikiquote has quotations related to:

It was well handled all the choices if you wanted to be the big bad wolf or the sheriff. Tried to get him a glamour in the previous episode, but had no money gave my cash to Faith in Ep. Nerissa appears and testifies that she and five other women heard the Crooked Man order the murders. Crabmanification Follow Forum Posts: They learn from Lawrence that they struggled to make ends meet and Faith took up prostitution to help pay the bills. Scotto Follow Forum Posts:

February 5, PS3 [8] WW: It was well handled all the choices if you wanted to be the big bad wolf or the sheriff. Episode 1 – Faith for PC Reviews”.

‘The Wolf Among Us’ Ending Explained & Spoilers Discussion – Game Rant

Fables Jack of Fables Fairest. They head to the apartment she endnigs with her husband Prince Lawrence and find the TweedlesDee and Dum, snooping through it.

Snow also mentions the doctor needed to run more tests on the head, so it was never truly confirmed to be Faith. Bringing Fables to life”. Still pretty confused about Twaj character, as I’ve read some theories out there pointing to the fact Nerissa at some point was Faith in glamour. And not skipping the cutscene, killed again. I think the body we find in the beginning was Narissa.


July 9, PS3 [11] WW: In each episode, we will find several such decisions and the game will adapt itself to them automatically. I, all support this very cool alll story. I think I completely missed that part.

The episode thing worked with the walking dead because everything about it was so shocking and memorable, but with this The story was adapted for the comic by Lilah Sturges, who has previously written for the Fables epiisode, and Dave Justus, staying otherwise true to the game’s story but exploring some of the characters and back twai in more depth. October 16, PS3 [6] AU: He informs Snow of this, and they race back to the Woodlands to find Crane gone, and the Magic Mirror, which could have revealed his location, shattered with one shard missing.

I don’t even care listing my choices, the end is still on my mind and I am starving for answers. Episode 2 – Smoke and Mirrors for Xbox Reviews”. Okay, yeah, now I’m leaning towards it being Narissa who glamoured as Faith. Voxus Follow Forum Posts: You know, I was surprised more about this game.

Especially seeing how The Crooked Man twists the scenarios of every other event relative to his reply with Georgie. Its either Faith was glamoured as Narissa or the other way around? So I don’t know if Faith was even alive when we first saw her; Narissa’s whole story also becomes suspect with the only honest point being that she wanted the crooked man gone.

I really didn’t get the ending with nerissa. Why would Faith fake her own death, episodf go through the trouble of bringing it to Bigby’s attention?

May enrings, X [10] WW: Episode 3 — A Crooked Mile received positive reviews. Episode 5 — Cry Wolf received positive reviews from critics.

Did anyone get all the fable book entries?

Important choices | Episode 5: Cry Wolf – The Wolf Among Us Game Guide |

Not gonna make it savage society nor trust the person he had the most influence over endngs imprison him. The Wolf Among Us: When Bigby and Snow threaten to destroy the tree she needs to make them, Greenleaf begs forgiveness and points the two back to Georgie’s club.


Secrets are revealed and decisions are made as Bigby squares off against the Crooked Man, facing off against his deadliest agent, Bloody Mary and learns the full truth about his crimes against Fabletown. Receiving a call from Epksode. Tharrington Follow Forum Posts: Please note the text enings contains story spoilers for the first season of The Wolf Among Us.

It was really interesting how different this game was. Both choices result in his death nonetheless.

I left Georgie there though. Special Stats Unsurprisingly, they really liked laying the glamour plot twists on thick October 14, —July 9, Episode 1 WW: If we kill him, all the people of Fabletown, including Snowwill think that we perform our duties wrong. I gave the Crooked Man a fair trial. Seemed more cruel to me, than just ripping off his damn head. Retrieved May 29, Yeah, that was dumb since I played good cop during the interrogation since Black Beard was intent on beating him up.

Story Modeand Game of Thrones. There are characters that can die in both games. Chose to imprison him even after he tried to kill me again. BeachThunder Follow Forum Posts: It was really refreshing after the disappointment that was episode 4.

Episode 5 Discussion (spoilers)

Felt bad for TJ, but Toad was kind of an asshole considering all of the stuff you overlook for him. Killing him will mean showing mercy, because Georgie will tway no matter what you choose.

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