When he is again bitten by another spider a radioactive one this time , he gains the ability to shoot spider webs out of his rear end and have the same abilities as Spider-Man, though he is still unable to move or talk. Yep, that’s the only time they show up. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: So the black hole eats the house as people start throwing things into it. Seasons All 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Series Contact Request series Donate Log in Register. When Flanders discovers that Homer is the one who has been duping him into committing murder by way of a Bible-shaped receiver , Homer argues that God does not exist and starts burning Ned’s bible, only to be stopped and strangled to death by God Himself.

Ice-cream with cookie dough? So before Halloween, why not take a gander at their new poster? So when Homer looks outside, there are 3 Mayan statues that wreak havoc. Courtesy of TVLine , we have our first look at the October 7 special via the full poster, depicting scenes from all three major stories. When Lisa reads for him, she discovers that he can communicate through farting. I am in awe of the future!

Kriken October 9, at 9: In a parody of Avatar, taking place in the future, Krusty the Clown sends the military force to the planet Rigel 7 to find the a sacred extract Hilarrium, so he can easily entertain his Nazi audience. I am in awe of the future!

You know, it’s really sad when I need to double check what number this treehouse of horror is. Sxiii, informative post I went to the beach front with my children.

Anyways, Lisa brings the black hole to the basement and she decides to show the black hole to everyone. She never wants to go back!

But because they’ve become so dull and uninspired, I don’t even bother caring what the number is. They both have massive downsides with highs of “Okay”. So of course, Mayan Homer will be the sacrifice but Mayan Marge decides not to let Homer be the sacrifice.


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Treehouse of Horror XXIII

So episode over, right? Use the HTML below. Marge begs God to reverse everything that has happened, but God tells her that Satan is the one who is running the world.

I suggest you all go out for some fresh air before going on the internet and saying how much this black hole sucks Of course, we cut to Milhouse hitting a baseball which lands in the black hole and thus everyone gets sucked in, xxkii except the Simpsons who get sucked in last despite people further away getting sucked in before them. Milhouse then contacts the military of their location, which then attacks the natives.

The Simpsons S04E05 – Treehouse of Horror III – video dailymotion

stgeam It’s not as big of a deal anymore now is it? Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Full Cast and Crew. Season 24 Episode 2. Edit Did You Know? Was this review helpful to you?

Homer instead runs off with the bag to eat its contents in privacy at a canyon cliff.

Unfortunately, Homer trips and falls to the bottom of the canyon with his arm pinned. Thanks Kang and Kodos, your paycheck is off to the left. So the black hole eats the treebouse as people start throwing things into it. Written by don minifie I try not to bother too much with continuity, my eyes would melt if I did. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Every ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ Episode From ‘The Simpsons,’ Ranked

Anyways, Marge says she would never go to the prom with a guy like Homer. It has potential, but that potential, like any other modern episode dies as soon as the word document is opened. The Boy Who Went Back to ” Share this Rating Title: Bart reveals the form of the devil as it turns out to be a Moe-like Devil I would complain about it not being Devil Flanders, but I’m glad they didn’t associate THoH 4 with this garbage.

Anonymous October 9, at 5: In a parody of Dexter, after hearing a voice that he thinks is God tell him to murder people, Ned Flanders becomes a serial killing vigilante, targeting characters who are Homer’s enemies.


But to TV fans it always means at least one thing: Admiring the persistence you put into your site and detailed information you offer. The difference between these two scenes is minimal, but the real doesn’t feel wrong.

Main character immunity of course! Courtesy of TVLinewe have our first look at the October 7 special via the full poster, depicting scenes from all three major stories.

It should be easy, whatever the season is, subtract 1 from that number and there you go.

Kriken’s World: Episode 2: Treehouse of Horror XXIII

Maybe it’s impressive in the world of animation, but honestly I don’t care. They succeed in this and Bart ends xxiii getting Kang’s daughter pregnant. Monday, October 8, Episode 2: When Lisa reads for him, she discovers that he can communicate through farting. So when they realize their mistake, Mayan Frink calculates what year the wrold will end and ends up withto which Mayan Quimby says they can blame Obama Posted by Kriken at 4: The episode will also feature a ‘Back to the Future’ riff treehoouse Bart treeehouse back in time with Artie Ziff Jon Lovitz and accidentally stops his parents’ first kiss, creating infinite variations of his father, while not pictured on the poster is a Mayan doomsday parody.

It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information.

It’s Margical History Tour, and honestly thinking about it, I’d have a hard time saying which is least worst. So Kriken, out of Kelley’s work is this the least crap or does that still belong to Magical History Tour I know that is not quite treehousw correct title, but the real one is just fucking stupid.

When a demon appears it transpires that Marge is responsible, following a childhood wtream and Homer has to placate the demon with sex.