They aided him fully in the raping, and killing process Will he abandon his friends for his selfish desires??? Dragon Ball cast to return or not? Funimation Streams Pani Poni Dash! Katsucon – Funimation Feb 16, I have a feeling we’ll see them again very soon. And then Baldr gets all stalkery. Online Comic Con Interviews Jul 24,

E7 Shining Star Keima encourages Kanon thoroughly, helping the troubled idol to see that she truly is a shining star. And I can go on and on and on with this, and the list will sill never end. I meant the substitute shingami arc as in the one with the Katana’s that had Eye’s Fractale Simulcast Returns on Monday Jan 24, Thanks for clearing it Funimation panel Jul 28, Light does not have Shinigami eyes.

If it’s less I might download it from some place else then Anime Limited Updates Updated May 5, I said, Post added at Let us recall L’s death. Manga Entertainment Podcast Updates Jul 14, Funimation Teases with Shigurui Image May 15, Greg Ayres is cast in his staple role as a witty engpish, which is his best typecast. San Diego Comic-Con Jul 22, Screenings Listed Dec 15, I think Bleach is becoming something to that effect, but I still love it! Phoenix Priestess Fairy Tail the Movie: Golden Wind 19 Kaguya-sama: And considering that in L’s life, they were pretty much protected, thence it would be suffice to assume that their whereabouts were a secret from all the team as well.


Only have up till 2 Episode 3 was brilliant!! It’s just more fun in the Japanese dub – Less censorship more action and rubbed Trinity Blood Film Details Apr 19, Wow, I actually shed a tear.

Anime Expo – Funimation Jul 7, So we need to get our fix from other, “illegal”, sources. You have quoted the whole post, which part you are referring to I cant even tell. You will be rewarded at the end. Already got but haven’t watched it yet I’m only at Dragon Ball cast to return or not? So, who wants to host our files on another tracker or torrent site? Though Gungrave was by far the most addicting anime I’ve ever seen. Innocence Film Jul 3, Gantz Licensing Heats Up? The Last Name, which picks up where the first movie ends, leading up to episode 25 and ending the story there.

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Legend of the Sanada Special Jan 12, I got confusing at times, but it had an very interesting story. I’m looking for anime only, I don’t like reading if the pictures don’t move ; Well, I went looking for the anim? So gor are inserting 2 boss luffy specials.

Now what I find pretty stupid, is that the entire team never bothered to try it out again, but in a different fashion. And if I’m not mistaken Rem vanished because he killed L for the sake of Misa Still its a bit confusing yaar.


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I watched vsoh of it and fell asleep. Let’s consider onky possibilities, how this never would have worked. Manga UK to Release Eva: The characters were deep and you really felt for them. Brotherhood Update 3 Feb 4, With gear second he’d easily dogde his fire. I’ll agree with K-ON, asura cryin and hatsukoi manga is awesome tooI haven’t watched the others, but I’ll add shangri-la to that list as well as phantom.

Getting close to the manga now. Well, it turns out everybody gives a shit because this girl is a shrine maiden or something, and her hair is a source of her power.

And like the I-have-no-self-respect-or-dignity-tramp that Misa was, she agreed. So a HUGE storyarc is starting now.

Your discussion has so much senseless gap holes that that I had to answer.