I can’t think of any right now but take YouTube channel entrepreneur Gary Vee for example. This pickup will compliment their other pro bowl caliber receiver Mike Evans who bullied secondary’s last season with his catches in traffic. Ended up being up until 4 a. As I sit here at work waiting to get off I decided to catch up on one of my favorite people for the past few months which is Gary Vee. Than I flip the script and get her back! To my surprise DJ Esco and Future were doing a walk thru. Well I’m not in LA so I don’t have anything excited to talk about.

Before leaving I told C Tha God that he doesn’t know me yet but it’s a matter of time. All right, rap fans the rap game is about to go back to its normal state. Meaning, I don’t have anything positive or uplifting to share with you guys. Everything outside of football is very sad and unfortunate. Monday, April 24, Monday Bluuuez. I think Houston should take a chance on him since Romo claims he plans to retire.

The only reason this signing is up there is because I have to roll with Belichick, even though this is a weird move to me. If you missed it the episode began with one of the contestants leaving the house after learning the challenge of the week is a Rap Battle amongst the contestants.

I think Bouye could turn ddltomen a promising corner in this league ddotojen could fit well in the Jags system with Jalen Ramsey usually covering the top wideout on the field.

One of the few topics of the internet this week has been these new sex dolls see pics be As I sit here at episods waiting to get off I decided to catch up on one of my favorite people for the past few months which is Gary Vee. Few of my latest skits created! Many of us want the end result of a million dollars or million followers but forget to appreciate what we already have.

But, if you want to learn how to be single epixode a society that pushes you to be married than check the episode below!


But, the other day I felt so uninspired that I couldn’t think of any ideas. To my surprise DJ Esco and Future were doing a walk thru. Be sure to read previous posts and stay up to date with BYOD!

Lamarcus Aldridge could be the man he was a couple seasons ago when he was in Portland. Check out the video below and let me know what you think! Check out these two skits where the April Fools joke is played on me.

This series screams upset to me but at the same time the Raptors have a better bench which is important against a team that likes to fly in transition.

The Assassination Of Gianni Versace Episode 7

Comment if your a fan of future! He has a strong ability to clog up holes against the run. So my fellow actress Efrangeliz and I stepped outside and walked around the block. Check it out below!

But, I wanted to be sure to wish you guys a great start to your work week. The visual for “Little Sabrina” creatively demonstrates the reality of many young girls today. And, to just leave shows how bad you really want a career in the rap games. All Part Of The Game is a short film based episoxe a young man in the pursuit of a basketball dream.

Also, a great way to learn from the mistakes that we’ve made early on. If he goes off with Kirk Cousins, he can expect a smooth payday his way at seasons end.

Let me stop though In her first verse Shaydez raps about the current instagram era that we are living in. New Episode of DMC this week and we cover how to be single in a married world! My weekend consisted of shooting some sketches and shooting my scenes for the webseires “Doggish” I think that’s how it’s spelled that I’m involved in.

This new project is projected to go Gold within its first week out. Crazy news this morning! About a hour later we shot the following video.

The Celtics surprised the world with their finish at the eipsode top of the eastern conference.


Free hosting has reached the end of its useful life

New Videos this week. Appreciation for not only life which they mention but progress. He gave me daps and said no doubt. The haters want Isaiah to fail soooo bad saying he won’t be effective in the playoffs because of his small stature but I think his heart to win will be displayed these playoffs. I also picked up a feeling of appreciation from both hosts. With or without Durant, the Warriors are still dangerous. I stepped out and hit Club Lure in Hollywood for the first time in awhile.

If not, comment below and tell me why! Anywho, check out the aftershow for the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop. I was told I purchased one of the last copies of his book.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8 – DDotOmen

The Grizzlies are always a physical team that tries to wear you down defensively while looking westbroojs pound the ball inside on the offensive end. Stephon Gilmore is a good, but not great corner in my eyes, since his time in this league. She westgrooks a unique way of story telling through her rhymes that brings her audience to their feet. Comment what you learned from the episode below!

It’s helped me a lot and I know it can help you too. We must appreciate where we are now and still strive for more. Adrian Peterson RB- After visiting with te few teams like the Giants and Patriots, the greatest running back of all time in my opinion is still jobless. But that’s just me. I would run around saying 81 is this or that. Also, the numbers are certainly backing up all the talk.