Audible Download Audio Books. Jolie, nearly matching her lifelessness. Angelina Jolie behaves like a first time model wearing dresses that were meant for someone else. When you have a cast this good, just go with it. Entertain, engage, educate, or humor me. Considering the previous great movie of this director The lives of others , I was expected far more complicated story for “The Tourist”. Lives, a sober but suspenseful crafted work dealing with the dreaded Stasi in drab East Germany was everything this sloppy escapist drivel isn’t.

Depp manages a couple of moments but doesn’t look well as if we were looking at the movie in the wrong ratio. Not a single moment of fun. It is really bad for your intelligence It’s easy to imagine George Clooney — surely the aforementioned Grant’s heir – playing this role, but Depp is more effective and brings a more earthy quality, able to play both plain and debonair at the drop of a hat. It is a callous, bland product example of producer condescension for an audience that will settle for the crumbs of something that looks great but runs lousy. Entertain, engage, educate, or humor me. Tak til fnulde for texten. At times the film feels intense and brooding, other times it feels like a carefree romp through the waterways of Venice.

I want to go back to that moment when I was watching it with my mate’s in the cinema it was just the best feeling in the whole world. And a delight to remember. And if it’s snowing where you are, you’ll certainly appreciate the sunshine.

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What’s not to like? They have a numbing effect the brain and they can get very tedious. That’s why it’s always ssubtitles just to sit back, relax and watch a straightforward story where good actors do what they’re trained for: Director Florian von Donnersmark is subtitlss major disappointment. He has endless room to play around, and makes Frank memorable, and lovely, as only Johnny can. That’s a pure action film done in the best immoral tradition of the morality one can find in robbing the rich.


Jolie plays Elise, a beautiful and mysterious woman who ensnares spy-fiction fan Oturist Tupelo Depp into his very own web of international crime and intrigue. They don’t know what their target looks like though so they’ve been trailing Elise for a couple years hoping she’ll lead them to their man.

Subtitles For The Tourist

More importantly, they seem to be enjoying themselves. I suppose one might be forgiven if he or she finds it cutesy, but even if you do fall for it, by the time it arrives your interest will be too detached to care. If the entire world weren’t in love with the two thespians, this movie would have flopped.

Tak til fnulde for texten.

However it seems that for every peak there is a valley. Films I watched in Bad career choice or one hit wonder von Donnermark has only this to show output wise over the last four years and it’s downright ghostly.

Perfectly cast, although it would also have been interesting to see Brad Pitt play the staring male lead in perhaps, another version. This movie is more a work of art than a theatric presentation. Was the fantasy in the hotel room real? Jolie is a big star but sutitles, she seems unused to wear dresses.

Johnny Depp plays a convincing Wisconsin maths teacher.

But a risk on this project has done him no favours at all. Sometimes with the vast amount of subhitles effects extravaganzas, monsters movies and super hero vehicles going around, you can’t help but get a bit bored with them after a while. Based on this, hopefully they’ll work together again sometime in the near future. I think Jolie is brilliant her character professional and intelligent, and I love the line ‘you are the least down to earth person I’ve ever met’ V.


Original translated by physic-nut. Thank Goodness for Timothy Dalton, a man with an inkling of reality. Ha subtiitles spent one million dollars having his own face restructured somewhere in Brazil, or Latin America, and she does not know what he looks like any more. The Tourist is one bad trip of a movie that smugly attempts to overwhelm you with its stars and locale while paying cursory attention to story, detail and substance.

The Tourist R1.

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I was even advised in Blockbusters that it wasn’t great. Expect to see this movie in the bargain bin very soon. Now imagine it done poorly, to a shockingly bad mtsilu. Many others have done that already.

The plot was your typical action movie: Angelina Elise has not ever looked more flawless, acted more flawlessly, while Johnny Depp Frank quintessentially summoned his unseemly man one can’t help but fall in love with. They are never a step out of place.