While Michelle continues to defend Matlock for the murder of Judge Price, Conrad gets a job as a bartender but failed to cooperate with the FBI, which led to his temporary arrest. Matlock continues to try to free Sam Haskins. Brandon Douglas plays Mike Gibson. A Michael Brennen George Dzundza while defending a client accused of killing a city councilwoman, and discovers a secret hiding in the D. While there, his car breaks down, he’s mugged, the phone eats the last quarter he has Tyler’s also very suspicious of Linda’s plots. Tyler comes to rescue her and heard she took the man’s picture. Ben witnesses a robbery at a convenience store, but things start happening that made him look like he’s losing it, including messing with his papers, sending him to wrong parties and submitting phony pictures of his rump to newspapers.

David Kaufman as Mark Randall. When the popular Los Angeles judge Raymond Price charges Matlock for his contempt in court, he is soon found dead and Matlock needs to defend himself for his murder, while in Los Angeles. Clint Purdy as Kenneth J. A comedian named Harvey Chase Milton Berle is accused of murdering another comic who insulted him, and Ben defends him. Jason wanted to humiliate, degrade, and take her child away from Carla. While out of town at a wedding, an ill Ben witnesses a man attack a woman from the window of the hotel, and learns the next day that the woman has been murdered. Though Linda Purl does not appear in this episode, her voice is heard. Lloyd Burgess, Conchata Ferrell as Mrs.

When the local reverend Deluca John O’Leary goes to visit her, someone takes a shot at her, but kills the reverend. It turns out that the real killer was Chet Sellers, a photographer at the paper and a high school dropout, who discovered that Ross and Reverend Wesley Masters were conspiring together concerning a picture he had taken, and he killed him. John Rubinstein as Dr.

The Thoroughbred

Convinced that someone was out to get him and not Judge Sterns, Ben, Cliff, and Jerri take a look through some of Matlock’s old cases, including Jeffrey Spidell Richard Gilliland from the season six episode The “Strangler”. Shanley had to be killed, and Hanna did a beautiful frame, setting up Sgt. Matlock and Michelle both represent the man Jerry Houser accused of killing the advice columnist Natalija Nogulich whose response led to the end of his marriage.


This episode heavily focuses on the long-term effects of unreported domestic abuse. When they look into the man’s background, they discover a lot of irregularities, and even the neighbor saw some peculiar things on the night of the explosion. Matlock talks Tyler into going into the auditorium, whilst speaking to the head of the wrestler Jack Thibeauabout the fight Sailor performed and had left him for another man to see how he felt about this, after the murder.

Christina says her husband was a womanizer, the woman was another one of his dalliances, and that she wants to make it public. This is Kari Lizer ‘s final episode. One of his students had planned to kill him. Twenty-four hours later, after the murder, Matlock receives another phone call from the same young man, who has been accused of murdering the man he claims he stole the formula for.

Nancy Stafford does not appear in this episode. Cyrus Jordan Stan Shaw was the cook at the local diner where he was accused of killing the local sheriff after a disagreement in the diner. When a madam Maureen Arthur was accused of killing one of the call girls, Matlock agrees to take on the case.

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Nancy Stafford and Kene Holliday do not appear in this episode. When Leanne’s ex-husband Peter MacIntyre Robert Desiderio is charged with the murder of his friend and boss once the truth comes out about Peter’s possible motive in the killing.

Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. After being fired from one job after another because of her ex-husband, Jason Hardiman, Carla Evans has had to resort to stripping at a local club.

Laura Norwood Marg Helgenbergerthe victim, was killed on the evening of the 19th, between Nancy Stafford takes the place of Linda Purl in the opening credits. Into The Blue 3. Ben reluctantly agrees to host a reception from his goddaughter’s wedding at Leanne’s prompting, but when one of the best men is murdered after the bachelor party, Ben agrees to defend the mqtlock of the bride when he is accused of murder.


It is also the first episode to air on ABC. The nephew of an eccentric millionaire is accused of cawt his uncle after they were seen arguing, and Cliff is sent to work in the uncle’s zoo in order to gather information to exonerate him.

Phillip Eagen, who was depicted in the book as being a druggie, which he denies, and threatened the woman. This episode was filmed in England. Matlock’s friend Dana Elcar was hired by him to defend his own son Tony Becker with the charge of the Army officer’s murder.

Nancy Stafford and Julie Sommars do not appear in this episode. Retrieved 22 August Matlock knew Drew Carey Tim Ryan since he was a little boy.

Bob Brooks, Michael Durrell as Throughbred. Tyler told Matlock that Cassie was kidnapped at the clinic, pretending Kimberly Bradshaw Deborah Wakeham was not there.

Matlock continues to try to free Sam Haskins. The case takes a different turn when Judge Arthur Eller is accused of murdering a local man’s wife, and Matlock and Leanne have to work out their relationship together to clear Eller of murder.

Matlock – Season 3, Episode The Thoroughbred –

While investigating the murder of the playwright, their trail soon leads to the woman he was having an affair with, and her very angry son. Matlock travels to Washington, D. It is revealed that she left him because of his alcohol abuse.