These three areas of study provide the foundation More information. Students together with the director decide what they d like to prepare as a performance. Students are free to choose the directors and theatres they want to work with; the school can also help them on this matter. They all take the form of a seminar which enables open discussion and student interactivity. Retrieved from ” https: The goal is to learn how to work with other actors on stage. Course principles and academic objectives More information. Art Therapy and Counseling.

Student undergoes sharp professional training which consists of: Listening, creating and healing. In the course of the qualification the candidate is evaluated and may obtain up to 85 credits as the average number of points awarded by the evaluation board. This sui generis theatre centre has been created in a neighbourhood that thus far has had no access to the dramatic arts. Based on discussion and reading texts, those classes are strictly connected to directory profession they do not aspire to cover the history of philosophy. Professions the degree prepares students for:

Classes with theatre directors, usually consist of choosing the author and text at the beginning, soski it, and afterwards choosing the actors and working on stage.

The qualification process is in the Polish language but students can perform a piece of prose, verse or a song in a foreign language. General candidate s suitability for the profession of acting is being examined in terms of voice, pronunciation, movement and rhythm. You can either study philosophy on its own as a single honours degree, or in conjunction with.

Nataki Garrett Revision date: Secondary subject areas for Composing, Conducting, Singing and. Poland’s post-war theatre life was concentrated in Krakow, and as a result, the town become a pied-a-terre for a large number of people of the theatre.

Theoretical subjects conducted by professors from the Department of Studies in Drama Jagellonian University ; consist of analyzing and discussing dramas, critical and theoretical texts on literature and theatre.


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Students work under the guidance of a chosen professor thesis advisor whose specialization covers the subject of written work. A certain maturity is also required candidates newly graduated from secondary school are rarely admitted. Liberal Arts 5 Course principles and academic objectives More information. The repertoires of theatre schools were narrowed down to Russian and Soviet drama and contemporary Polish plays, with no contemporary West-European drama whatsoever. The second subcommittee examines candidate s skills concerning text interpretation.

The condition of acceptance is to have Baccalaureate Diploma and obtain positive results in the competition testing candidates competency.

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The studies focus on the group work as actors in their professional career are obliged to work in groups. This subject consists of reading ludwil analyzing texts concerning drama and theatre in different contexts; especially focusing on the impact of The Great Theatre Reform at the turn of the 19th century. Classes conducted by professional set decorator; consist of searching for artistic themes and discussing them.

This uniqueness has been maintained to this day. The repertoire of the Academy was narrowed down mostly to Russian and Soviet drama with no contemporary Western plays whatsoever. Selection procedure is composed of four phases: Students are divided into three groups; each one works with one master the leading pedagogue.

During the first semester students use their own acting potential, afterwards professional actors are hired. The major challenge of puppetry training was to teach puppeteers to appear on the stage and to expand the repertoire to include plays for adults.

Students attendance and active participation is crucial as. Dalcroze s method; – Introduction to directing: To build up students creativity and artistic activity; enable them to develop their own concepts of educational programs, foster realization of creative, educational, multicultural projects.


New building of the State Drama School in Wrocław

Many of these artists are still teaching at the Dtate. Curriculum for the Bachelor programme in sound engineering Curriculum for the Bachelor programme in sound engineering BMus sound engineering Rhythmic Music Conservatory 18 August Contents Introduction This Department prepares young actors for theatrical performance; to work in television, radio, film and music theatre.

Since it has the status of academic institution. Once a year additional workshops covering different themes are organized; Seminars for directing classes. Links Copperconcept in Europe — take a Google Earth tour! This stage is an individual selection, no points are given.

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After completing all requirements, graduates obtain Graduate diploma from School and Official title of Master of Arts. An introduction to the M. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Close ties with the local theatre scene defined the unique character of the school from the very start.

The facade’s perfectly crafted curved elements enhance the elegant lines of the building and serve to showcase the high level of craftsmanship and the quality of finishing. The modernized building accommodates three auditoria, including a new, multipurpose small auditorium. Overview and Goals Article 1 1These course and examination rules and regulations govern the course and specific procedures. Directing and Producing Chapter The repressive political climate lasted until after the Polish October of This programme is only offered at: The school enables and supports extracurricular artistic work in theatres.