Law of Anon” Transcription: Yet this vile gifted has a few more tricks to pull. His classmate, Ai Mori, is suspicious that Ueki is an alien. This is due to the Talent of Blank that is revealed at the very end: Will Ueki be able to muster up enough determination to beat Onimon and his philosophy of “fair and square” fighting? Ueki VS Rihou no housoku ” Japanese: The celestial beast seems impressed by this and agrees to help our hero despite his hatred for the celestials that have treated him so poorly. When the fight winds down, the Infernal Margarette reveals that he knows that God has an item powerful enough to give God the edge.

With one win on their side, it’s Mori’s turn to fight. Ueki’s team has just walked away from their first win, but their next opponent has just finished their match with a win in five minutes! Ueki’s problem is that he didn’t fully master his power before obtaining his sacred weapons. Yet with the ability to turn his own shadows into clay men, how can Ueki be sure he is even fighting the real Black Shadow? Ueki finally gets down to only a few, and those quickly deteriorate. Will Ueki’s new-found power and justice be enough to defeat the all-powerful Robert?

K Kobasen in the Japanese versionis part of a grand tournament to decide the next God, but before Ueki can officially be declared Mr.

Ueki gets the Talent of Blank, Rinko goes out with, and subsequently dumps, Robert, Sano goes in search of hot springs all over the world, and Hideyoshi takes off never knowing he saved Ueki.

Only an unexpected ally can put an end to this fight. After saving her from the bullies, she tries to pay him back, first by force feeding him several plates of curry, then by laww whole mess of other things. While Ueki is busy trying to get back to his teammates, Sano, Mori, and Hideyoshi face the remaining members of Team Marilyn. They were all brought together for this tournament in order to support Hanon and Margarette’s wish to become the next celestial king.

Finally, Hanon does this by taking God’s precious device, named Mr. When Ueki hears that Robert has viciously attacked B. Or will she force herself to fight once ddubbed and continue her attack on Ueki?


He succeeds, but Barrow has no intention of allowing Sano to tell his friends what it is and cruelly knocks him out, angering Ueki. How can Ueki keep fighting someone who can create an endless supply of powerful opponents? Everyone splits up, but how will Team Ueki fare against the well trained Team Marilyn without the benefit of teamwork? This infuriates Marilyn, forcing her to make use of her level two: Forced with a close combat battle, can Ueki come up with a usable strategy to grab victory before Baron does?

Ueki’s father feels a bit deflated at this, but understanding. Like Ueki, Van is able to make use of the sacred weapons, but something is different about these weapons that force Rinko to hold back her attacks. Fortunately, Ueki makes it just in time to stop the house from being destroyed, but our hero is outnumbered three to one. This ends with Team Marilyn losing Putting. With a surprising display of teamwork, the two of them show Robert how lww friendship truly is, but Robert’s twisted ideals prove too much for even them.

While Hanon hides in his floating battlefield, everyone attempts to meet up with him, including Ueki and Rhe, but they are stopped by the Infernal Margarette.

Still, Ueki is able to pull off a victory in the end with some inventive tree manipulation. Barrow is down and Team Ueki win! Just as Hanon drops Mori off the cliff, she is caught by Ueki, who has become a tenth star celestial.

Mori tries to help by interfering the battle if Toshio hits her by accident, he will lose an ability but is trapped with stakes around her.

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As everyone is doing this, God and the Infernal Margarette continue their battle, both coming to standstills, despite putting everything they have into it. While Ueki quietly ponders this, Li Ho shows up with a challenge: Using a specifically designed glove, she is able to create a slap with enormous power, smacking both Ban and his adorable Pick into submission.

One is Seiichiro Sano, a decent type, with the ability to turn towels into steel, whom they met while trying to rescue a small girl from a fall. Margarette threatens Ueki then goes after Mori.

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However, Ueki is down to his last two talents, and he uses them, first by using a Kurogane to throw Hanon off balance and then using his last Archenemy to finish the job. As a reward, he spits out Robert.


Could it be that Ueki just might find a new ally among Robert’s Ten? Ueki is now a zeroth star celestial! K is a Celestial King from heaven, or God’s helper. Wasn’t he supposed to be in the underworld? As a member of the Guardian clan, he never understood happiness. The battle between Ueki and Hanon is in its midst, but quickly gets sour for Ueki as he continually uses his sacred weapons against Hanon. The objective is to get the opponent to get eaten by a cat, and to do that, they have to turn into a mouse!

Problem is that he had all of his sacred weapons removed! With one win on their side, it’s Mori’s turn to fight. When the fight winds down, the Infernal Margarette reveals that he dubbed that God has an item powerful enough to give God the edge. When Ueki adjusts his fighting style to combat this ability, Baron reveals his level two ability: When he confronts his teammate about this, though, Pecol is verbally deflated and submits to Grano’s whims.

Unfortunately, Sano can’t hear her cries for help and Ueki just passed out! Ueki’s Archenemy finally overpowers Hanon’s, resulting in Ueki defeating it.

It quickly becomes apparent that he has the ability to make objects invisible, mainly using his sacred weapons, making it impossible for Sano to see the oncoming attacks. This is unlike Ueki, who is not technically fighting a competitor of the tournament.

Finally, at the end, we see Mr. Returning to her frightened friends victorious, dubged retains no knowledge of her strange transformation. On this day, Ueki and the gang are celebrating, and Ueki has curry to commemorate his mother’s death. Not expecting this, God is struck and left bleeding on the floor.