He’s fluent in Apache, yet at first speaks to the children only in Spanish and urges Vaquero to translate. Welcome room for arriving fans and celebrities, meet The High Chaparral cast and crew. When Blue rides in with Moonfire and Kelly,there are footprints visible in the dirt behind them. Yesterday I heard ,the dvd publisher will release the High Chaparral at may 2th Monday november 25th The High Chaparral at Ned 2 The first season is:

Brenda Benet as Anita Santiago. The blanket slips, leaving the doll’s stiff neck, plastic head and shock of sticking-straight-up nylon hair all in plain view. The contactpage can be used for questions, Idea’s, opinions and wishes about these website. But in several others he,s sitting upright. Especially good portrayals of these characters. In the opening sequence, when the stagecoach first overturns, only one wheel is left spinning. The leather strap around Manolito’s neck is sticking prominently up out of his shirt collar in all the over-the-shoulder shots, but it disappears every time the angle reverses to a frontal view.

Forceful family head John is helped by his brother Buck and son Billy, whose mother is killed in the first episode. The doll standing in for Baby Joey is visible in one shot of Victoria carrying the child on horseback. When the Apache war party chapardal its charge hiigh the High Chaparral, the dirt road beside them shows clear tire tread marks from the camera truck. Later, though, he “recovers” well enough to speak to both Geronimo and the childrenin Apache. Broadcasting the High Chaparral on tv: Don Sebastian fights with him and, in the ensuing struggle, he falls out of bed.

Victoria gives in to her father’s wish to persuade John to sign the Cannon Ranch over to Manolito. Start your free trial. When Mano returns to the ranch, however, he walks into his father’s room and sees that Don Sebastian is not in his bed! Full Cast and Crew. They try it two times. John and Manolito are driving the wagon and loudly singing “La Gallina” together. In the spoker chipswere made of wood and either branded or painted with denominational values. Jorge Russek as El Coyote.


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Befor he falls off, his palomino horse has its another Palomino with slerps grey mane and tail. Second Season Plot and Character Highlights. Dan’wanted poster features high resolution. He,s on horseback in the middle of the dessert and is nowhere near water,shinny metal or anything else that could cause such light reflections.

It is in the middle of the centre tbe Tucson. Buck, Blue and Joe follow him to catch the men they believe are involved while Manolito returns to the hacienda only to catch his father out of bed and obviously recovering.

During Don Sebastian’s funeral, the single church bell is tolling.

But though his right hand is vigorously strumming the strings through several chord changes, his left hand never moves. Excellent scenes between Mano and Victoria.

Old Tucson Studios features film and television shoots throughout the year and daily Wild West entertainment. Unfortunately he was not cawt to the Netherlands.

Once a day in spring: He was shot in a holdup and his lion head ring was stolen. Blue is stunned when Don Sebastian leaps from his deathbed to attack Armando.

First, he wants Manolito to marry Anita de Santiago y Amistad, the daughter of a rich landowner who will give the Montoyas a huge section of land as her dowry. Everyone now realizes that Don Sebastian has sleels using his injury to coerce the family into cooperating with his schemes.

There is a motel in Australia named The High Chaparral. Just outside thr door, however, Armando is waiting to kill Don Sebastian. Billy Blue Cannon Henry Darrow Mano goes off to ponder his future, all the unhappier because Anita is already on her way to Rancho Montoya.


Suddenly “Macadoo’s” coat is a much darker brown and his mane and tail have also turned brown. The reaction page you can caast your message if you want? Anita explains to Mano what she expects from their alliance.

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Monday november 25th The High Chaparral at Ned 2 When Perlita opens her door chsparral Manolito, there’s a wooden bench just outside that wasn’t there in the previous exterior shot of Mano approaching the door. Mano bids a not-very-fond farewell to Anita de Santiago y Amistad. A dark brown moisture stain that forms a stripe down the back of Sam’s coat disappears when he enters the church, reappears when he comes out, and vanishes again when he meets Trinidad in the graveyard.

Buck and Blue are relatively minor players in the episode, though they play essential roles in the capture of the bandit. A quit day in Tucson 8.

Mano examines his father’s stolen ring after recovering it from one of the bandits. The Lion Sleeps 28 Mar 8. Song Mark Slade http: After her death, John unites the family with the wealthy Montoyas by marrying their daughter Victoria, setting up the series premise of two powerful families dealing with challenges from outside and cash. Don Sebastian, wounded by a would-be assassin, plays on the sympathy of his family and friends in a scheme to gain control of the Cannon Ranch.

It was a big conflict with his father. In the fourth season,Mark Blue has leaving the High Chaparral forever. Next Episode Previous Episode. Without you it would be impossible to bring the Stars, Cast and Crew back to Tucson.