Homosexual NGOs45 in particular have been very active in promoting the recognition of civil partnership, even if the debate reached the larger public only during the last legislature, following the introduction of Pacs in France. Catholic hierarchies are in favour of the family reunification, since it gives stability A bill for the establishment of a monthly salary for housewives- unemployed mothers is proposed to the parliament by some christian-democratic MPs but it has not been approved. Banning women from night work is considered incompatible with the formal principle of equal treatment for men and women. A laic position on assisted procreation], Editori Riuniti, Roma. This could derive from the inadequate treatment by police or judges. Primary Source Law n.

E’ sempre Pum Pum Piatek! The approval of law n. Debate on part time regulation within the law itself is particularly interesting as it is widely interpreted as facilitating work life- reconciliation by parties across almost the entire political spectrum. Franco Angeli, , pp. I bookmakers non hanno dubbi: At the end of , the Equal Opportunity Minister from the Prodi government presented her project to reorganize the National Commission on Equal Opportunities. Minimum benefits are now means-tested. They have proposed a completely flexible model without any or short compulsory leave, referring to other EU states and defining rigid legislation as inconsistent with changes in the new labour market.

In July a demonstration takes place in Tezseramento against the bill passed in the Senate. Secondary source genital mutilations, newspaper article by Bocci M. Nevertheless, it represents the first step towards change in the construction of women as workers and not only as mothers to protect.

Many law proposals are presented bill “Norme in materia di procreazione medicalmente assistita” Norms on medical assisted reproduction ; n. No, compulsory, 3 pp. In the national Commission is formalized by law n. It is easy to see how the pre -electoral campaign atmosphere characterizing the debate and the approval of a very controversial Electoral Law14 was not the best context to find a cross party alliance among women.

Extracomunitari tesserabili: la situazione delle 20 squadre di A

At the institutional level, the main actors in the debate are the Parliament and its thematic Commission IX for Labour IssuesNational Government and its structures, namely the Ministry for Labour Issues. Primary Source law n. In February Law n.


Regarding the relevance of the debates, during the QUING period the most debated topics concern medically assisted reproduction and as a consequence abortion and the legitimate family form, thus shifting into civil partnership.

During Parliamentary session n. The Italian welfare state is weak and the role played by the third sector fragmented. In the Department for Equal Opportunities, which is in charge of managing projects financed through art. According to their record of achievements the 4 teams using the wild card see Art. One is the debate on the retirement age for women, which is part of an important political debate on pension reform.

For each participating player, the list must indicate surname, name, date of birth, membership number released by the relevant Federation and the shirt number. In this general picture, a change has to be recognised in relation to children, even if small.

Issue Histories Italy: Series of Timelines of Policy Debates | Maria Sangiuliano –

Open letter by a group of women and men senators to the President of the Council Romano Prodi and to Ministries: Both the law on divorce and the one on abortion are put into question by the Catholic and the conservative parts of Italian extracomunitadi, and are submitted to two popular referendums for tessframento them.

Per quanto riguarda la lista, attualmente la Dea non ha alcun problema. EC attualmente in rosa: Il Manifesto, 5 Dicembre It aims at avoiding the punishment of crimes of different gravity with a universal strict sentence. Sexual assault and rape a. Gol in calo, autogol aumentati: After many struggles in the public arena and many parliamentary debates, in divorce becomes legal Law n.

We noticed in policy debates the same prevalence of extradomunitari issue of reconciliation of work and family life that we found in the academic literature investigated for the State of the Art review.

These loans are fixed, not interchangeable and could be used throughout the tournament. In any case the initiative created a public debate and FGM were no longer hidden in the domestic and private sphere.

Feminist NGOs start self —enquiries and debates on women and precariousness stressing the differences and nuances in the meaning of flexibility as a possible space for freedom and precariousness. Queste 4 squadre incontreranno le migliori seconde classificate, in ordine inverso alla rispettiva classifica: Women within the Unions have expressed quite differentiated opinions while trying to define common positions during a Conference held in Rome in June.


Primary source Sexual violence: On the contrary, this Law allows more than 45 different types of contracts, decreases social security schemes, and weakens the traditional collective representations of the trade unions through the individualization of contracts Shadow Report. Pink Telephone document Telefono Rosa: Primary source Trafficking, art.

In questa fase alle teste di serie saranno affiancate, per sorteggio, le altre 24 squadre a completare gli 8 Gironi.

Extracomunitari tesserabili: la situazione delle 20 squadre di A –

In this construction the perpetrator is considered an alien, the media contribute to such views, evidencing the rapes committed by foreign men, making them the alien par excellence. Poi sul rinnovo con la Roma: This law gives the chance for new bodies of experts and organizations wxtracomunitari promote positive actions.

Trade Unions have been at the forefront of the defence of cash transfers to families; CGIL and grassroots Unions in particular have pushed for minimum income schemes, even if with different political meanings, from temporary subsidies for unemployed people to the so called citizenship income, a concept unacceptable to some wings of the unions themselves, since it is considered as extracomuniari attack to the ethic of labour.

Spazio a Correa e Borini Esito scontri diretti 2.

The wild card will be given at the incontestable discretion of the organising committee. One could, as a further option, use a computation of extended income.

Both of them are carrying betalassemia. The best one resulting from the aforementioned ranking will play against the eighth best one, the second best against the seventh best, the third best against the sixth best and so on. Qualche problemino sul vivaio resta, visto che Marrone e Mattiello potrebbero non rimanere. In October the XII Commission of the Senate holds a series of meetings with NGOs, civil society and experts which highlights the many contradictions contained in the law proposal.