Clockwise movement increases the value. The long-term call level estimate is compared with a predetermined threshold. The third filter attenuates all frequencies in which telephone call presentation tones are not present to form a presentation tone signal. The Filter Depth decreases exponentially to 0 at a rate determined by the release coefficient 0. The present invention further provides a signal processing system for receiving an audio telephony signal from a telephony device , including: The signal from the output of the headset filter is scaled by the post-limiter gain and delivered to the Signal Output. Otherwise the transmit sample is passed through the Soft Mute unaltered. Vibroacoustic device, vibration sound output method and vibroacoustic program.

The information processing apparatus, volume control method, recording medium, and program. Figure 13 is a perspective view of an apparatus of an embodiment of the invention; and. The frequency or angle on the z-plane of the poles and zeros is determined by the Shriek Frequency signal. The bit clock is set to kHz. A fearful state, for instance, lowers the threshold of sound at which the startle reflex occurs, and increases the magnitude of the response when it does occur. The gain of the Automatic Volume Control, AVC is a predetermined fixed gain if the long-term call level estimate is less than the predetermined threshold.

The first, peak clipping, acts instantaneously, but simultaneously creates distortion. It also accepts an additional control signal not shown to select one of many different headset filters.

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A second detector causes a less rapid reduction to a lower level. The average is derived from four bins comprising the two bins offset by two and three above the bin containing the peak level, and the two bins offset by two and three bins technokse the bin containing the peak level, tedhnoise in the following two cases.

Application of dual-speed compression limiting to the prevention of acoustic shock. Filter coefficient for a variety of headsets or headset types are stored. The Filter Depth decreases exponentially to 0 at a rate determined by the release coefficient 0.

For example, all the processing blocks may be removed with the exception of the Shriek Rejecter A dual-speed limiter function limits the level of seroes by rapid reduction of the gain. Compression limiting creates less distortion, but there technoisse a conflict between the need to reduce the gain slowly to avoid distortion and the need to reduce the gain quickly to provide rapid protection from high level signals on the telephone line.


Optimization of adaptive filter tap settings for subband acoustic echo cancelers in teleconferencing.

Systems and methods for use of adaptive secondary path estimate to control equalization in eeries audio device. The post-limiter gains have a non-linear relationship with the Volume Control Signal. This enabled the maximum sound pressure level at the eardrum to be prescribed at each frequency.

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To achieve this the FIR coefficients are calculated taking into consideration the effects of the headset seroes response measured at the eardrum. The signal from the output of the tone filter is scaled by the pre-limiter gain and delivered to the Signal Output. Each Shriek Finderproduces a binary signal, Shriek Present indicating the presence logic 1 or absence logic 0 of a shriek and a number representing the frequency band or ‘bin’ in which the gechnoise is present, the Shriek Frequency.

A method according to claim 5 where standard telephone tones are detected if the short-term level of the receive signal at the standard telephone tone frequencies exceeds the short-term level of the receive signal at other frequencies by a predetermined amount. Alternatively other lengths of FIR filters or other forms of tone filtering may be employed such as infinite impulse response, IIR filters.

The DSP 20 receives a digital encoded signal at the input labeled Receive Sample Input, processes this signal and transmits this processed signal from an output labeled Receive Sample Output. The main feature of this tone filter is that determines the frequency response of the receive sound at the eardrum for signals below the level at which limiting occurs.

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Systems and methods for adaptive active noise cancellation for multiple-driver personal audio device. Coordinated control of adaptive noise cancellation ANC among earspeaker channels. In some cases, these symptoms are technoies to continue for many days or weeks after the incident, although more commonly the symptoms are short-lived. The existing handpiece from the host can be connected to Interface device 4 and selected for use by a push button control.

Once the presentation tone becomes absent a new telephone connection is deemed to have been made. A method according to claim 12 where the relationship of the control signal and the post-limiter gain or attenuation is non-linear. It is used for maintenance and test purposes. A Surrounding Spectral Level Calculator uses the Shriek Frequency number to calculate the average spectral power in the surrounding power spectrum bins excluding the bin immediately above and the bin immediately seres the bin containing the peak level.


Alternatively, the DSP 20 may be configured to operate with one or more of the processing blocks within the receive path removed.

In the following descriptions, ttechnoise sample passed from the Transmit Sample Input to the Transmit Sample Output via the intervening processing is referred to as the transmit sample and the path through the intervening processing is referred to as the transmit path. As shown in Figure 10, each filter stage, comprises a direct form implementation of a 2 nd Order IIR. If the ratio of the peak power to the average surrounding power spectral level exceeds a predetermined threshold and the absolute peak power level also exceeds a predetermined threshold then a peak is deemed to be present in the current analysis block by the Peak Present In Current Analysis Block Although these narrow-band noises can affect anyone, people using a regular hand-held telephone can quickly move the phone away from their ear, thus limiting their sound exposure to a fraction of a second.

A method according to claim 12 where the relationship of the control signal and the pre-limiter gain or attenuation serries non-linear. A tone and volume control function alters the gain as a function of frequency according to a preset tx response curve.

The post-limiter gains are obtained using the discrete Volume Control Signal as an index to a lookup table tx stores a discrete set of post-limiter gain values. The peak power level is compared to a pre-determined threshold by the Absolute Level Within Bounds operation If the interface device 4 contains data for 5 headset profiles, selection of an HeadsetType higher than 5 will not be permitted. The methods and techniques described herein may be employed by devices other than a telephony interface device, although for yechnoise purposes of illustration, this description relates primarily to the application of the invention to telephony interface devices.

Advantageously, a rotational dial, in combination with a function selection means, can be used to vary a number of different user settings, instead of having separate controls for each user setting.