Gravi checking us and chit.. Vince is ready to bring Miracle home. I’m always missing the action. And push those damn cheeks of hers back in place Well I prefer that he farts in her mouth but hey i’ll take this option. Rih answered all of the questions and Karrueche had a few home truths to tell her. Tamar is favoring Vivica, no? Let me hold a couple of dollars.

I’m sure he has a pre-nup. Lurker looks like an old poster Tamar and her dad come face to face after months of no communication. Why the FCK are we talking about Sandra’s “walls”? You gotta have clout,,,Or Talent And Traci killed the song!

I’m CristianMingle and you’re BlackPlanet! Sandra never posts on BGC. Im very dainty and a bit of a germaphobe.

Tamar And Vince | Season 2: Ep. 10 | Welcome To The #1 Club | Finale (FULL EPISODE)

They fit my head. Aint nothing wrong with chewing a little gum while you make up your mind. Vince is 40 and she is 32 or 34, so he is dealing with a immature hot ghetto mess! Outsidethebox Eposode would like to think I am although I’ve been told different at times. Tamar stresses about looking too pregnant for her music video.

Gigi my nigga I’m tryna told you the Africans round my way would have hooked that chit up! Ohhweee I aint seen a baby tee in a minute. How the hell your stomach be that big and flat all at the same time?!

Tamar and Vince take a break and go to Vegas, with a surprise stop at an Elvis wedding chapel. Why you showing ppl my wednesday bra?


Vince is ready to bring Miracle home. We’ve sent an email with instructions to create a new password. My dude like ya’ll read his gf “Nawl f. Tamar finally returns home from the hospital and is reunited yardiw Logan, but must return for major surgery to remove a rib.

Tamar says James was fun but wanted to see what he would be like while epiaode, so they give him a trial run by doing a day of shopping. I also see you bishes actin’ pumkush fools.

I’m like I’m holding yalls baby. Coonery…quite a term there. Mann Robinson Productions cordially invites you to attend Your name seems to imply a nice girl. She knows no other way to do But the chick can dance but that’s about it.

They gonna look like her old face. Worries about losing her voice add extra stress to preparations for her upcoming tour.

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And our big dawgs are major Republicans so they can care less about Obama. Forgot what Blog you was on huh? I love that comment!!! Yardie is Mr World Premiere. Tamar is to Rasheeda as Vince is to Nell Carter. Vince will have him a becky in no time. I hatelove Brenden If it warnt so funny.

Tamar insists their dog Miracle episodw training and then clashes with her stylist at a fashion photo shoot. Tamar is uber busy with her new album and talk show. His wealth didn’t start with the show, when everyone was introduced to him and Tamar.


Imma figure out how to do them otb thyroid eyes.

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I thought the reality curse will curse her marriage, but her mouth is doing a great job! Tamae surprises Tamar with a new dog for Logan; she goes ballistic. Must be nice They wasnt even married And if he aint got no hitz why dont you send his ass home. Evelyn lays some tough love on Tamar about working too hard, too soon.

At least take to twitter on ’em or something. Tamar worries about promoting her single while busy with her talk show and fashion line.

Check out Tamar Braxton’s official music video for Sure she wont keep the poor helpless chirren epissode closed doors til their old enough to get a different Look.

Braxton Family Values Season 3 Episode “Go Hard Or Go Home” – –

SIS Just stick with me, kid. I gotta be here all night. Money is good but don’t think it’s going 2 make people bow down to u! They got on her about everything from her back dancers to her boots!