An entrancing and hypnotising lover. The Sylph and James appear. He forces Madge from the hearth and throws her out of the house. This ballet is set in Scotland, a land that was considered remote and exotic at the time, and was created, for Marie Taglioni to dance the role of the sylph, by her father. The sylph enters during the midst of the revelry and attempts to distract James. When the interviewer pressed him, he seemed to indicate that it was not how he wanted to remember their partnership.

Madge urges Gurn to propose. James dismisses the incident and promises to forget it. Hosted by iPerspectives Internet Solutions. Here are five interesting facts about this searing ballet, where a restless young man is visited by a taunting young woman. February 11, manhattnik. She tells the young farmer the scarf will bind the sylph to him so she cannot fly away. Her bootlegs ended up being donated to the Dance Research library at Lincoln Center, where you can watch them for free.

At the time the ballet premiered some accused Bournonville of plagiarism, but for others it was clear that his version was overall superior.

Emma Livryone of the last ballerinas of the Romantic ballet era, made her debut with the Paris Opera Ballet as the sylph in an production of La Sylphide. A variation Drigo composed for the ballerina Varvara Nikitina in Petipa’s version is today the traditional solo danced by the lead ballerina of the famous Paquita Grand Pas Classique. Christian Ferdinand Christensen Original Cast: He is delighted and immediately proposes to Effie who accepts him somewhat reluctantly.

Five things about La Sylphide

When her Sylph did those jetes across the stage in front of the reel, everyone, I mean everyone at the Met gasped like they used to do for Misha or Fernando.


Pas de deux — Reel 8.

Howard he always asked about Gelsey. James’ bride-to-be, Effie, arrives with her mother and bridesmaids. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat January 11, Giselle. Both artists have recorded their work on DVD and video.

Gurn, who spies the moment from the shadows, scampers off to tell Effie what has happened.

La Sylphide – Wikipedia

As James embraces the sylph passionately, her wings fall off, she shudders, and dies in James’ arms. Premiere of this production: She is so delicate, she seems to float on air — those arms and those eyes!

All guests have now arrived and they dance together but the Sylph reappears teasing James. The latter was choreographed by Michel Fokine for the Ballets Russes as a short performance. He has promised his heart to a girl from the local village but then comes across an enchanting spirit of the air, the sylph. She tells the young farmer the scarf will bind the sylph to him so she cannot fly away.

Though inspired by La Sylphidfit was meant to be performed as an independent ballet with its own merits.

La Sylphide Quick Facts: Though inspired by La Sylphideit was meant to be performed as an independent ballet with its own merits. She dips a filmy scarf into the cauldron. The revellers add all sorts of filthy ingredients to the brew. Now you are participating in the drawing of amazing Bolshoi Backstage Tour for 2! In the end, Bournonville mounted his own production based on the original libretto. Most of the commercially available footage of Gelsey was made when she was dancing well below her best for the sad reasons she detailed in her book, Dancing on my Grave.


Now, in a dense forest, James enters followed by the sylph, with whom he is now in love, even though she continually evades him. James hurries after her in ardent pursuit.

James and the Witch — The Scarf Wikimedia Commons has media related to La Sylphide. They all dance together but she always evades his grasp. For Mikhail Fokine’s ballet, see Les Sylphides. Book your tickets today. Filippo Taglioni Original Music: Enter now for your chance to win a Bolshoi Backstage Tour for 2!

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January 13, Laura bellafigural. When Marie Taglioni who had retired in saw Livry in the role, she stayed on in Paris to teach the girl, who reminded her of herself as a young woman. You love Balllet ballets like Giselle but wish the male dancer had a bigger role. Gurn leads the guests in search of James.

During the party the sylph moves among the dancers, visible only to James. The Argentinian virtuoso is a veteran principal who has danced most…. Charles Nodier ‘s “Trilby, ou Le lutin d’Argail”.

La Sylphide

He does and Effie accepts his proposal. James is furious with disappointment. And with a ballet season full of favourites….

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