It appears that foreign fans will have to use Luthor’s goofy facial expressions as an indication for how silly he’s become. Very nice use of bass and all of the sounds are clean and crisp, but we need more action from the rears. Teaming up with Brainiac, now upgraded and reborn as an enormous robot, Luthor sets his sights on taking the Big Boy in Blue down a notch and subsequently positioning himself as world savior. Even longtime franchise superbad Lex Luthor — downgraded here to a Smallville Joker without any semblance of a razor’s edge or a substantial threat — fails to flex his neurons, dutifully spouting exposition, whining ad nauseum and scheming with all the intelligence of a lunk-headed ’30s screen gangster. You can also get an instant mobile notification with our iPhone- or Android app. Many cartoon TV shows have a lot of stuttering and interlacing in their transfers. There are a few nice points – Lois is great and the animation looks very good – but the aforementioned problems combined with the cardboard story result in a movie that could have been amazing, but simply is not. Brainiac Attacks Blu-ray, Audio Quality.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the forum rules. Select category Add custom category Go. Opening up the frame would not likely have enhanced my view of the movie, but the intended aspect ratio really should have been used. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Superman: Powers Boothe is so radically different in his styling from Clancy Brown that I got very disoriented watching this thing. Brainiac Attacks Blu-ray Screenshots. Of course, honesty and loyalty don’t come naturally to either supervillain, and it isn’t long before Superman has to deal with the combined and separate threats that are his greatest nemeses. As a closing note, fellow DC animation fans, know that there is still hope.

Superman: Brainiac Attacks subtitles

The Superman on the cover looks different if they’d pushed this design even further and used it throughout the movie, we could have had a more cohesive final result and the font looks too kiddie. But if you are going to bring everyone back, then how can you possibly omit the original voices for the villains?


Teaming up with Brainiac, now upgraded and reborn as an enormous robot, Luthor sets his sights on taking the Big Boy in Blue down a notch and subsequently positioning himself as world savior. This is particularly evident in the fight scenes, with the piercing sounds of various laser beams, or the roar of jets zipping past from one rear speaker to the other. DC Comics Classic Collection. As stated, this is essentially a direct-to-video movie, save for a recent showing on Cartoon Network.

Gene Hackman’s Lex was a camp villain, but he would best Boothe’s Luthor in seconds flat. In my own collection at home, I have copies on tape of the s Superboy and Superpup pilots, and even a scratchy old copy of the musical version of the character that was televised once in the Seventies. I believe this was made for a widescreen presentation though I may be wrongwhile the DVD gets only a 4: Brainiac Attacks and the Superman: So come for the action and stay for the action In another early announcement, Warner Bros.

Out in space, Luthor has a defense satellite, the Lexwhich fails to stop an approaching meteor.

The only problems I could detect were some small bits of haloing around certain edges usually visible around the lines that frame a character’s face and some macroblocking in the reds and blues of Superman’s costume. The apparently anticlimactic Phantom Zone adventure turns into a frustrating cheat when a bona fide historic moment turns out to be infuriatingly false.

If you want to avoid comparisons with the animated series, or present a story in a whole other continuity, then it is awfully dumb to use the same Bruce Timm character designs with some minor rbainiacand hire the same actors.

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And lying around somewhere are a few taped episodes of auperman s Ruby-Spears version. Dragon Ball Super The Movie: This time it’s a satellite designed to do what Superman Tim Daly can’t: The First Avenger 4K.

Brainiac Attacks Blu-ray release, see Superman: Brainiac Attacks Blu-ray Screenshots. Blu-ray user rating Video 3. Brainiac Attacks is no brains, all brawn. Join our movie c o mmuni t y to f i nd out. The Video Presented in 1. Lex Luthor Powers Boothe is at it again.


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And the aforementioned action, action, action only exacerbates the problem, reducing the script to one or two hyper-extended action scenes. The video is pretty much perfect for this release, with no appreciable artifacting, shimmering, or any other problems… except for the aspect ratio.

Brainiac is much too bland a Big Bad, Clark and Lois’ relationship is sweet but much too simplistic, the Phantom Zone creature fights and mid-Metropolis battles are a bit too rock ’em, sock ’em robots, and the persistent humor lacks the classic corny charm it’s working so hard to evoke.

It’s a real shame that the whole thing amounts to a missed opportunity. That would be Lois Dana Delanywho is infected with a poison with just one cure: Other than some marketing material, there are subtihles bonuses to be found. Sadly, other than a handful of Warner Bros.

Life of Pi Dawn of Justice Feb 04, The apps are synchronized with your account at Blu-ray.

Characters are thinly sketched and woefully underdeveloped, relying on prior love of the heroes and villains to resonate in the slightest. If it can’t be punched, blasted or blown out of existence, it isn’t of much interest subtktles writers Duane Capizzi and Christopher Simmons.

With Superman’s destruction in sight? So, what is my perspective on Brainiac Attacks? A Star Is Born 4K. The villains are given far more to do — not to mention more attacsk robot-on-robot dust-ups — than the iconic hero, revealing Brainiac Attacks to be exactly that: