Linus March 5, at 1: I could be a creature from Pluto. What happened to Driland. This is my favorite Anime series and I felt in the last last season it was too fast and too open end and a lot of things were missing me …. But you will have to know Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

I am looking forward to the next part of the GMG in the Anime! Choose among the different court surfaces and your favourite animated character. I mean all you ever hear is people complaining how Naruto and Bleach are just full of fillers. Next week we are getting a 36 page chapter which is rarely done even by people like Oda OP and Kishi Naruto. As for the issue with funds, we already have just about all the required technology to build machines like that, but nearly nobody would do i because its too expensive for good reasons. Besides the first 96 Episodes are dubbed and available for viewing on the Funimation site.

As I said before, this Anime is based off the Manga. The real version of the Total Annihilation turns the world into charcoal if needed and everything will return to void I’m not sure its jkstanimedubbed to mess up characters in this Rp Up until recently he has ended up being away for a long while and they haven’t seen him since. Be patient… I know… that our wait will be worth….

Celine March 3, at 9: Two years after the justanomedubbed against Asura,the Kishin,peace temporarilily came around,but now new witches and more humans are on the brink of becoming kishin. It’s a Legendary Sword that’s main purpose is to be the most powerful weapon xD and it cannot Loose against another weapon.


The Anime will be back with new Episodes in Mid-September. Lol maybe if some rich kid out there that loves fairytail and sees that its ending could donate lots of fucking money.

Maybe she just hasn’t found the right connection yet-that’s what Death says anyway. Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori NO, fairy tail isnt canceled, its just taking a long deserved break.

How many times do I have to go over epsiode In fact, how long has he been inactive in the posts? Originally knowing they would only take the offer for the free benefits it offered to the students.

LadyLeen May 16, at 7: Am i the only one who thinks that driland might just be another season of fairy tail?

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Andre Felix April 25, at 7: It makes me happy and I learn a lot from it. Why is this topic still up?

Ive only had problems dungeons required for quests and player vs player areas and trying to capture a mount since you can get a mount after getting to lvl 20 and only have a 5 percent success rate for capturing a mount in Order and Chaos Online. Still my favorite character in Blue Exorcist is that cat with two tails that likes silver vine sake.

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Do as you like But if it gets too serious and deadly,Moonangel WILL step in and dual scythe both of you just to knock you out unconscious. Who said I was human, Iatos-san?

It mentions the date 6th of April at Eoisode 18, at Fairy Tail is coming back next Fall. PLs dont replace it!! I did watch bleach, and I was hooked on it, however, i did not remain a loyal viewer. She doesn’t talk about her life 14 the school, but when she was fifteen is when she came to the school for the first time. But right now I am freaking out!!!!


List the anime you’ve watched?

Fairy Tail anime is badly received whereas Bleach anime has always been hailed as a spectacular show filler episodes aside. I just want to know, although the anime was ended FOR NOW anyway, why the heck did they pull the entire series aoul of crunchyroll!?!?!? Watch out for Blair: AshK January 11, at 1: The Anime was getting too close to the Manga Storyline. I meant to say 10 Episodes and not 10 chapters.

Without Angel its really no Point in staying. I apologize if I messed this up. Just don’t kill each other without my permission. Erzaaaaa March 13, at 5: If they made this anime in a style like fairy tail It would be awesome.

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I hope they continue it, but it is a business. AL November 23, at Luciana Ortiz Soul Resonance Skill: Yes,it is available on smartphones,ipads,and ipods epsiode free unless you count in app purchases which I always avoid. Personally I think they are canceling because it caught up with the manga and because they want publicity.