On discovering the family’s surname is Grindel, the Snob mutters, “Grindel? All the references to The Simpsons he manages to get out. It started in on YouTube before copyright claims caused Jones to move the series to its own personal site, TheCinemaSnob. The Predator , Jones received an angry letter from Suzanne E. Extra funny since the villain really does look like Trey Parker. His sinister and somewhat happy laugh after the scene of the guy who forcibly had boiling hot water poured water in his ears shoots his girlfriend by mistake, thinking she was one of the bad guys after she walks up behind him while he’s holding the gun. Retrieved July 30,

Good swimmers never ever drown. Snob introduces the movie as Memorial Valley Massacre , before he sees that it’s billed as Son of Sleepaway Camp in the opening credits: Views Read Edit View history. It’s like you don’t want him to be seen in that outdoor restaurant location you’re in. I didn’t come to Moscow to lose! The series follows the Cinema Snob, a caricature of pretentious film critics, as he reviews obscure exploitation films, religious films, and pornography from the late ’60s through the early ’90s. Son of Sleepaway Camp. At the risk of sounding conceited

That’s like going from the Rat Pack to an actual pack of rats. The music then switches to the soundtrack from the Friday the 13th NES game.

After witnessing slee;away scene cut from the kidnappers threatening to girls with death, to one of the girls’ parents baking a cake to a happy tune: This nosy reporter showed up saying he was going to expose all of them because he knows Doctor Who.


What the fuck is this?

The best one is also a Call-Back to one of his old “Brad Tries” episodes. After a moment, the Snob gets up from his chair, walks over to a mirror, and starts snarling, “Don’t you laugh Why the hell would you carry that much on you?! And vinema he proceeds to carry out the rest of the review with ketchup on his face without ever acknowledging it again. Calling the main villain and his friend Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

The film was released on DVD on September 27, Do they have to play in my fucking cienma After seeing a minor character sing in a rather deep voice: Jones says it was “basically a plea saying that I was wrong in stating that Porno Holocaust was the worst film ever made, because he made the worst film ever made: What’s left of it.

Don’t worry, I know what to do here. The Last House on the Left. The Snob reenacting the electric chair death with Alka-Seltzer, ketchup and a frying pan.

With some more time and a bigger budget, these two could really make a fantastic exploitation film that would rival a lot of the direct-to-DVD trash I’m used to picking up in the cheap section at ASDA. Stefan Ellison of The Scene Magazine gave the film a B, saying, “Joining the ranks of recent fare like Grindhouse and Corman’s Worldthis film is a fun toast to B-movies with the thesis being that while they won’t lift the human spirit, you have to admire the filmmakers’ chutzpah in putting all they have into them.

In the early days, the setting was in Jones’ basement, a couch surrounded by movie posters.


Cinema Snob – Sleepaway Camp IV_ The Survivor

Sukiyaki, a horrible Japanese stereotype stand-in for Tojo, is introduced. The entirety of the s,eepaway about some tortured kids from the cult meeting up as adults.

However, the “lost episode” has since been leaked onto YouTube. On occasion, he will point s,eepaway there was something good in a terrible film, such as Michael Chiklis ‘s performance as John Belushi in Wired. Something bad needs to happen to them so we can set things right in the future!

The film gives the Snob in his own words “too much material”. Romerowho told Romero campp he had interpreted Monkey Shines as a metaphor for evolution and the bond between animal and man. I didn’t come to Moscow to lose! I can already smell the dick sweat.

Snob introduces the movie as Memorial Valley Massacrebefore he sees that it’s billed as Son of Sleepaway Camp in the opening credits: InJones announced that he was writing a movie adaptation of the series to be directed by Ryan Mitchelle. The Gestapo’s Last Orgy. Views Read Edit View history.

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I thought I was the shortest person with a sexy voice. Have you seen my high priorities list in the last five years? Archived from the original on December 20,