Sightstone is now part of the three core support items and can no longer be bought seperately. The champ is just exciting to watch and play. I see the relic shield start like the previous doran’s shield start. What a Dota and LoL player would deem balanced is completely different. A new permanent game mode, Nexus Blitz , will be up for alpha playtesting during the next four weeks. His winrate is also absurdly high as people start to figure out how to build him properly. Ornn strongest by far , jax, illaoi, camille, maokai, gangplank matchup-dependant. Don’t have to explain everything myself.

Also later in the game, his wither goes on what seems like a 7 second cooldown, so building QSS can only save you from one wither, not the next one. I still play League regularly but it was fun to go from my first patch 5. Zilean – Champion Patch Notes. Turret plating has been added. The much stronger Elder Dragon will spawn instead of regular dragons beyond Afaik it was possible for 2 weeks to play that way.

Baron Nashor now spawns at This post will help you get up-to-date with the meta and all important changes made within the past four years. You can now host an open party that doesn’t require an invite to join. Tank supports are much more effective than utility this patch, wtill Leona, taric, and alistar.

Seriously, consider reading up on all of this if stilo play midlane. Xin Zhao – Ability Update. It’s up for the adc to chose if he wants it or not, won’t affect much the support. I stream my ranked now so that people can comment on what im doing wrong. Sad that he became almost unbalancable with his exploit on mid.

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But he’s a mid game monster now. How do you uninstall championify and remove the item sets Thanks for guide that I can show to my friends. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Ryze, the Rune Mage again Ezreal – Ability Update. The red Trinket upgrade is now available from level 1 instead of level 9. Late game he’s actually worse since he still suffers from the same problems and is easily kitable. Funnily enough, when relic, spell thief and coin first came out, a lot of ppl tried running double relic bot because of gold efficiency alone.


League of Legends 4th ultimate skin, Elementalist Lux, has been released. Autofill has been enabled in all draft queues at all times.

If you disagree with anything or have a question, leave it as a comment — feedback is appreciated! This video explains it pretty well. Doesn’t anyone have a great community or network of players I can connect with? Only champions with a kit made for jungling can survive their first clear. That also viablee up with TF2s balancing which roughly went the same way.

The XP requirement for reaching level has been reduced by half. Katarina, Rengar and Talon have received major kit changes. You can kite him to death easily. That’s a little harder to do vs. I remember playing vs a draven who had a janna as his support, and he had a shield almost as big as his max zeason. It’s weaker, but still okay. Kleptomancy also gives you lane sustain through mana potions. Champion mastery level 6 and 7 can now be achieved through the hextech-crafting system by earning S-grades.

Skarber would make just as much sense. And realistically speaking how many tanks are better than nasus right now? Spell Vamp as a stat has been removed from all items. But when I type in “hat” on Nami, Boots of Speed come up As soon as you get comfortable with all these changes, they’ll change something else. The tutorial has been completely reworked. He’s range is so small that the only way he can trade without getting damaged is with a q through minions and that’s very hard to constantly do.


Use the damn dodge button.


First dodge is -3 lp and 6 mins of wait time, from 2nd its lp and 30 mins of wait. Camille, Panth, and Teemo are good options as well. This way he can get to 2 – 3 items really early and have a lot of pressure on the map. Why would you pick him instead of mao, cho, ornn, shen.? The OP said “The current top lane meta favors tanks and juggernauts.

There are a bunch of new items. Starting out with the stuff that is relevant for everyone makes it so no one has to skip large portions of my post just to reach the content they care about. That changes makes him pretty much impossible to kite by any adc other than cait during that time, you have to straight up run until it’s over.

The price of mid lane Mana items have been increased. This is a great resource for anyone not up-to-date with recent patches, as anyone can quickly catch up on all Riot’s important changes without having to read through all the patch notes.

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I agree that she’s above average though! Division V has been removed from all tiers. I know all games aren’t going to be like this, especially because our mid and bottom were destroying their opponents, but it’s certainly given me hope. Ashe – Champion Update Attack Move has been updated and will now prioritize the target closest to your cursor if multiple targets are within attack range.

Every shielding ability in the game that is usable on allies now has a shorter duration across-the-board nerfs.