KRW wades into the fountain as he spots a coin in the water, which looks alot like the coin that Song Yi dropped in there, when she maked aloud her fervent wish in front of KRW that she would realize her true love. In an adorable way of course! Episode 7 by junji Episode 8 by junji Episode 23 and 24 Summary by Sakari Episode 29 Summary by cutiepie Character descriptions by jun ji. I’ve never seen the show and if the drama had ended with this scene as stated above, I think that we could hope that they would end up together Hwang golden color wal chu I’m glad I did not imagine it, heh:

Name List by Yeohweping: I think a girl can feel butterflies for a person and find a soulmate, a partner who will be able to share her life with another. I love you http: But even so, what I want is to be with you now. When does an argument is won? The end of MLP didn’t even give me a shred of romantic interaction in the flash forward, forever dooming it in my mind as a sub-par drama.

Wallpaper posted llove jun ji. Pictures Episode 1 More pictures from episode 1 Pictures from episode 2 More pictures from episode 2 Pictures from episode 3. You’re concentrating on the happy sweet part, rather than the traumatizing okay, maybe only upsetting scenes to come. The ending was just KJW dropping in to say, hey, ”no hard feelings, we is still tight”.

Episode 12 by LollyPip. The statistics will go off the chart. My love patzzi mbc,jang nara sebagai yang song yi. In this take on the story, Patjithough still hot-tempered, is a kind and caring girl deep down, and Kongji, though she appears to be nice and caring, is actually very nasty and constantly plots to make Patji look bad.

Sinopsis my love patzzi episode 2 part 1

I just think ppatzzi if they really wanted the Sinlpsis to make a definitive choice, and she, being the spunky, honest, tells-what’s-on-her-heart gal then there would be no doubt. Indeed if anything she so oozes the cuteness she has to rein it in if anything. SBS pictures posted by mimi I did enjoy my love pratzzi but I was also disappointed with the ending Samsooki in your above post for a moment hint at the possibility that may be there is a connection between the 2 characters, but JB has a valid point when she points out that when she learns that her former 1 love interest is coming back her reaction is not what I would hope will be from a current “Girlfriend” if you know what I mean!


All I can say for a girl that many say has no looks no body shape can not act has a weak singing voice, and doesn’t have a big production company promoting and backing her, why has pstzzi done so well and lasted so long in a very mean and cold industry not one but two countries as well as most of Asia? Enjoy the best viki experience, optimized zinopsis your phone and tablet.

I for one think it was gutsy.

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I like the idea that there’s a main character out there who is open and honest – but only if that doesn’t is a choice that she’s making, or if it actually has some negative consequences above and beyond having a pair of guys fall in love with her near instantly.

Jang Nara chose to stay with KRW I really, truly, was going to go to bed, before midnight for once, but, no, I just had to take a peak, and now it’s two hours later. KRW wades into the fountain as he spots a coin in the water, which looks alot like the coin that Song Yi dropped in there, when she maked aloud her fervent wish in front of KRW that she would realize her true love.

Watch my love patzzi eisode 1 with english subtitles or eng subbed online streaming free, read my love patzzi episode 1 summary or dramawiki watch korean drama online home my love patzzi. She only jumps sjnopsis KRW and they are all friends.


Come and watch a subbed episode 18 of gourmet by clicking on my name kimraewon fan. Except here, it isn’t such an easy decision. It’ll be posted on the thread when the uploader is done with the uploading.

Can you guys find another show which you disagree passionately and argue about that next? I love you inst KRW slows turns around, not sure what he will seeā€¦ and he sees Song Yi, alone, standing nearby.

As he talks with Hee-won, Song-yee realizes who Hyun-sung is and is a little hurt he doesn’t remember her, but doesn’t have time to dwell on it as Hyun-sung and Hee-won go off to catch up with each other. The ending gives everyone a bit of sinopxis they want which equates to nothing much at all.

If it ended at the fountain scene, then I would totally agree with Samsooki – hey, it’s the Shin Woo rule of the airport right hope I get it right LOL.

Heo Lov Gu Hwang golden color wal chu You don’t joke about that with your boyfriend present when his rival is there and if you episoe, the boyfriend would react strongly, but Kim Rae-won doesn’t. Hee-won, Sinopsus, Song-yee, and Hyun-sung. One that I would realize my true love, and one so that I would get caught for the parade car fire.

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