I feel like the director could have done a better job setting the tone for show after the time jump that still preserved the warmth that was displayed in previous episodes. Furthermore, the boss was presented with paperwork to keep from going after In-ho again. I’ll stop commenting but don’t know about swearing On top of this, it all crumbled at the last minute causing embarrassment and inconvenience to the families who were supposed to meet. All throughout this drama, this woman was out of control. I am happy they don’t end up together and I am happy they end up as friends. We are all stupid rats that follow the cheese into the trap. Poor nerdy is stuck with her, too.

I thought the idea of the show was how these 2 help each other. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: The fact that they are at the very least still friends and that they’re both living well though separately comforts me. This guy does not know how to cherish a girlfriend. However, it feels very unreal to have so much misfortunes being piled on one person Wasn’t he supposed to not play piano until he had the surgery? Sang-hyun is sad to see his baby girl go off to daycare for the first time, but he is glad to finally have some free time. JY’s feelings don’t necessarily mean he’s in love with her, and what’s more, they’ve both spent enough time apart that lingering feelings from the past are for

Being held accountable for her damn actions. Se Eun had to work too much for this relationship, she went to Portugal, she waited for his comeback, she agreed to everything but all of that for nothing.

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You are going to watch Secret Garden Episode 14 English subtitle online free episodes. They’re so caught up in these buzzwords and it’s so obvious they don’t know what they’re talking about.

And eoisode to the beanies who gave me lots of food for thought when talking about life relating to this show.

And with that, she turns around and heads back inside. So I hope you can do that too. Then they even had cute kids who were super adorable and had minimal interaction with their crazy paternal grandfather. Lastly she punished us.


Secret garden ep 5 eng sub

Thanks so much for the recaps sailorjumun! I adore realistic slice of life stories, but they’re also tricky to pull off. I’m so glad SE told him at that she was the one ending the relationship because like you said she is going to need that strength.

That can be like a blue tick or something and not necessarily the happy ending! I had also contemplated what would have happened if they had met while YJ was still happily married. If Jung really loved her, he would stand up for her and rebel against his dad. One scene where someone wrongs him and a glint of old Jung is back.

Yipee December 26, at 3: Joon-young waits for Dad to start eating before digging in, both remaining silent. Secret garden ep 5 eng sub. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if found in a similar situation. AlexDanno November 21, at 7: Low is an American indie rock group from Duluth, Minnesota, formed in Not saying he should have married Se-Eun because obviously his heart wasn’t in it.

She goes even further by presenting him with a shiny, new marriage certificate. The show spent way too much time focusing on him, his struggles, and his struggles about Young-jae. Huge emphasis on the question mark there. He wishes her safe travels, but also warns her against poseiddon tea with random men while traveling.

I agree they needed time and distance. They give her some hugs and encourage her to get back to the salon as soon as possible so she can get back to scolding them.

Jung, the twisted complex lead of the show, who is the soul of the story had his character development offscreen. She asks Hae-sung when he started to love her, and he says that it was the moment he gave her a ticket to his play.


YJ was my favorite but I think that is because Esom is a fantastic actress, in the hands of someone not so great watching her would just be bad trauma porn. You pulled me into this world, end the story if not in a satisfying way, but in a complete way.

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It became kind of a thankless role in the third timeline. This site uses cookies. SE could have walked out or had a honest conversation at so many points in the relationship but chose to stay silent. She takes a seat by the window, where she and Soo-jae used to have their talks. Episode 6 by Helcat. So hear me out. I’ve never cried over being disappointed by a movie before, this is my first. For the world it created and the refreshing, heart warming, endearing people who lived there and for showing a mature view of life and death, fantastic will always have a place in my heart.

Pat Munzer March 1, at I see what you are saying. The Secret Garden is a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett first published in book form in following the publication in of a serial version in a US magazine.

The times she says she will go crazy honey, you already are and Inho asks why she is there you do get that dangerous behavior like that is crazy?

Hae-sung visits So-hye in her room, but as she wakes, So-hye starts to panic. He faced death numerous times, and basically lived with a ticking time bomb in his body.

Secret garden ep 5 eng sub

But I have enjoyed your commentary and that is what I came to read not the recap. Your email address will not be published. Yes, I am easily led astray by small, random details.