HS asked if that it what she wants to talk about; she saw him kiss someone, and he did it for her to see, so she should ask about that. He demands to know what his dad did- where did he send her? He follows her there, but stays far from her, just looking at her sitting figure from afar. She leaves with R. Aww, MS is making me laugh in this stressful episode! Yoon Seo Hwa yang ternyata hamil pun berusaha meninggalkan bayinya kepada biksu So Jung. Notify me of new posts via email.

As Eun Sang peers out into the rain, she sees Tan across the street, staring at her with intense eyes underneath his umbrella. When the full episode is available, I will fill in more blanks and screencaps, and continue to update. Won counters that Tan was always truthful and affectionate to him for the 18 years he hated and ignored him. Rachel gets up to leave then, when Tan bursts in to the classroom. There will be a day when JS will need him in the future. Goddess Of Marriage Episode 1.

Won has a meeting with the woman his dad and JS is trying to set him up with. Goddess Of Marriage Episode 2. Join 2, other followers Follow. Eun Sang sighs as she sits on the shore, and Tan looks at her with tears in his eyes. He gives him a copy of her passport. From afar, Tan recognizes the California shirt hanging on the laundry line. Before he can explain for who, Tan comes in too, asking HS to look up if boko is any country departure record for Eun Sang.

I Hear Your Voice: SINOPSIS LENGKAP Gu Family Book Episode 1 – 24

With the episode so heavy on the angst, it was hard to watch and to re-write the recap knowing where this was all leading to in the end. Dan masih ada Yeo Wol, gadis yang ditakdirkan bertemu dengannya?


Won informs dad about Tan. Maka So Jung pun membuat kesepakatan dengan Park Moo Sol yaitu jika dia mau merawat Choi Kang Chi sampai berumur 20 tahun dengan gelangnya maka segala usahanya akan sukses. He immediately goes to CY to ask if he got a call from Eun Sang. CY, shocked, asks where. So how will they come together again? ES locks up the bookstore she is working in and stands under the awning.

He says no, he is making a deal with her- a give and take.

He gives a huge happy sigh of relief. But then he talks about it, asking if Tan has already come.


She tries to find out more from the teacher. What a leisurely description. HS asked if that it what she wants to talk about; she saw him kiss someone, and he did it for her to see, so she should ask about that.

Outside, she can hear Tan wrecking his room in anger. Eun Sang said she will call once she settles down. Seems it is the first time Esther heard about this. He clutches his chest as he cries. Diposting oleh Wahidin Alamnuari di R wants HS to act like nothing happened the kiss. She takes out her Jeguk High uniform. Her house, school, friends, and the future she hoped for- I ruined it all. She sends isnopsis mom home first so she can buy rubber gloves.

YD punches Tan, telling him to get a hold of himself. Love hurts because it desires see bolded epislde in poem above. YD calls his lawyer.


Yoon informs CY that Eun Sang left and he helped her. Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! Like I called her name, will someone please call my name that suits my light and fragrance?

HJ replies that Tan is a brother of someone she knows. Eun Sang and her mom walk the beach. Eun Sang gets a call from the Gangnam Police. I, too, long to come to her and become her flower.

Eun Sang walks to the beach. Tan tells him not to, but Dad refuses, warning Tan to not look for her. Eun Sang emerges from 17- the fluttering clothing. Tan runs into MS in front of his house.

As soon as he sees her, YD freezes. YD says he is happy; he has seen her safe, her and Tan are broken up, and they are walking together on the beach.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 17

Later at night, he lies in his bed once again fully clothed, tears epissode silently out of the edges of his closed eyes. By realizing that things could actually be worse being apart. Love can also cause a disconnect between the heart and mind; we can understand all the irrationality of our actions and feelings, yet our emotions take us elsewhere.