If a person cannot do this, he will not be able to keep at something for long. Yasu frantically goes around searching for his son and finally finds him sitting in front of the memorial for Misako at the loading bay where the accident happened. My true mother Akira is not a gay but falters when confronted about it by Yumi because he likes her. When Taeko gave birth to a girl, she liked her even less because a girl was perceived to be a money sucker who would eventually go to another family. When Yasu mentions that Yasuko is getting married, Taeko congratulates her. But when they are outside Yunagi, Yasu tries to wiggle out of it.

At that moment, Yukawa hears the sound of bells coming from behind Tagami. In the middle of the conversation, Yukawa hears the sound of bells. Shoun thinks that Yasu should tell it to Akira in the way that Taeko did. Currently Airing The coming week: Turning to Shoun, she asks if the most unfillial act is for a child to die before his parents. Notify me of new comments via email. He is going to tell Akira because he feels sorry for him. Back in the present, Yumi tells Akira that Kensuke is hoping that he will eventually become his father.

As Tagami laughs at these words, Yukawa seems to feel something. She was told that if she wished to make it official, she would have to leave their daughter behind. Both of them cannot hide their discomfort.

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The secret to keeping a business going is to be able to let go of things. Seeing that, Yasu hurriedly runs over to save the child who looks like he will be crushed.


And so, this is the end of eposode story of the year love between father and son … … Related Posts: This site uses cookies. That night, Yukawa goes for a drink with Kusanagi.

One day, Yukawa, who has finished his speech at a meeting of physicists held at Yotsuya Institute of Technology, is hailed by a student.

By this time, Shoun is weeping and he awkwardly agrees.

Yukawa gives Kaoru a sideways glance, and throws the brooch she had dropped into the dustbin. But he still wants to know about Misako because he does not remember anything about his mother besides vague memories of being carried by her. Yasu asks him to wait and hurries over. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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In the instant that pressure changes from negative to positive, the evaporating bubbles have destruction effect he says. Yumi may not be good with housework but she is a very capable person who is already a copy editor at her age.

However, Kaoru is sorely depressed that she was asleep at the crucial moment and that her colleagues had seen her naked. While she is dining at the restaurant, Tagami arrives. Notify me of new comments via email. Akira decides that he and his father should do their best together, and the next morning, he tells Yasu that they are the only two people in this world whom Misako gave life to, so the two of them should do their best for her sake.


Notify me of new comments via email. Having an interest in the thesis subject, Yukawa hands Tagami his name card and tells him to contact him anytime before parting with him.

Taeko turns away from Yasuko to hide her own tears. Yasu storms out, vowing never to visit Yunagi eoisode. But a package broke apart and Misako was pinned under it when she thrust him aside.

But the conversations she initiates first with Bito and then with the others are actually remarks directed at her daughter. However, Yukawa is absent, and his assistant Kuribayashi is using a plastic welder to do some welding. Shoun thinks that Yasu should tell it to Akira in the way that Taeko did. This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your WordPress. A call comes from Yukawa who says he wants Kaoru to tell him the details of the case once again.

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When Taeko hears that she likes children, she advises her to be a strong parent. The next day, Yukawa calls Tagami and invites him to have a meal or something as he want to talk to him.