He might have just melted into a puddle on the floor from all the feminine adoration. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Byung Hee clearly thinks he is overdoing it. I rewatch every one of their scenes; squeeing over every little moment. I think i will wait whether Da In will try to steal the heart of Lee Ho, in Jewel in the Palace the prince wants jang geum to be his queen or something.. His eyes when he looked at her I kept going amen when I read your summary:

Helping Won just happens to be the side effect of him doing his job. Unfortunately he has a dark side. Merchant Jang sits Da-in down for a drink, sighing at her stubbornness that has led to so much of his troubles. Seung-Hye is livid, why Chul Soo of all men? The two will be Yoon Jin Yi, who is in consideration to play the role of a daughter of the head of thieves. Bae through the doorway, and tells Chul Soo not to come around for a while.

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It is like my fate. But Jung-hwan interrupts, no batting an eye when Gon-oh says that this interrogation was authorized by higher-ups. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Kiara May 31, at 4: Too bad they come face to face with Do-moon, and Keok-jung tells Won to go while he holds him off.

Posted February 21, Not much of Lee Ho this episode. Byung Hee pulls Chul Soo outside and suggests he run for it, he says he will only leave if she comes with, she is in danger if she stays. I recalled woo-young boiling her own ‘medicine’ and going to town dressed as a geiseng?? She had looked at him then, while he was sleeping.


Byung Hee thought she got away clean when she passed by the closed video story this morning but it is just not her lucky day. Byung Hee takes him out of the rain, to try and figure this out. Gon-oh reports to Evil and Eviller with good news and bad news: But there’s more to him than meets the eye. Chul Soo asks her to give him three years; he can finish his military service by commuting, and see her often.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Unfortunately he has a dark side.

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Gosh, darn is he sexy!! Seung-hye comes barreling out and Chul Soo grabs Draa Hee and drags her through the gate. Unfortunately someone won’t let him be. Fan-girlind “resumed” Won, Jung-hwan, Keok-jung, and Do-moon? More scenes of them please, Writer-nim! She is draa, outgoing and loud! It’s interesting that Jung Hwan and Woo Young wear matching colours.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Later it turns out she is suffering from leukemia.

Hfaven a soft sleepy voice he asks her not to go while his eyes are closed. I think the plot is not that great, but there is something that makes me lingering for this drama.

Heven you worry about anything else, the obviously you will become less confident when you act. He simply wants to stay under the radar so that he can have more time to do what he must. She asks him to tell her when his feelings started. She is seeing him as someone who cares about her. But because you are not my own flesh and blood, I have little choice but to mahdate this way. Aww yeah, Jung-hwan to the rescue. That was pretty cool, and also totally intentional.


You have to be victorious with the character in the movie.

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It is a given that predictable love lines will probably bore the viewers. Then So-baek teaches Won some grappling moves, and Keok-jung jumps in before they get too handsy with each other. Every time I see him I melt. It is truly sweet. I think the fact that the love lines between the supporting roles are stronger than the main actor and actress lies in the plot of the drama. I do love you though.

Choi Won, a doctor is framed for murder, but he manages to avoid capture. D So glad that Won is learning how to fight and defend himself.

By far my favorite episode. Byung Hee wants to talk it all out and get everything sorted today. Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: Chul Soo falls asleep and as Byung Hee carefully deals with a leg cramp she also thinks back to that time on the bus. He cares not for fame or fortune. What is Byung-hee thinking waiting there on the other side?