But it hurts — Seung-jo leaves just as Yoon-joo arrives back at the store, in time to see Se-kyung leave with the packed belongings. Seung-jo falls for the genuine, idealistic Se-kyung, but not knowing this, she gives up being the person she wanted to be, and decides to live like those she once despised. But I can’t help but wish that her character was a little less thinking and a little more action. But I am petty, weak, and fearful. Through snow and ice. Nokke January 7, at 2: C’est tellement plus triste en francais qu’anglais!! I love PSH’s cute entourage as well.

Yeah i hope so too that Yoon Joo will help Se Kyung.. Han Se-kyung, already knowing that, pretends to be shocked. Hearing of this, Han Se-kyung feels she has been insulted; she then pours a cup of water onto Tommy Hong. She’s so confused with what decision she will make but other viewers find it annoying that she is always frowning or sad but it is so literal specially to Se Kyung’s case.. Cha Seung-joo meets up with Han Se-kyung. Han Se-kyung Moon Geun-young believed in l’effort est ma force , meaning “hard work is my strength. He is ready to indirectly confess to Han Se-kyung in his opening speech. I’d love to see Yoon-joo trust her husband and see him worthy of that trust.

What I like about this show in particular is that it continues to surprise me. He also put Han Se-kyung’s shoes on her.

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In his defense, he says he only picked her up, and she drank with someone else. Sad, lost and guilty. That actually makes Cha Seung-joo very happy. Instead, she calls Seung-jo. Deuk-gi laughs — no, you just keep doing it! Saboriana January 7, at With all her excuses I was wondering whether her husband would ever get suspicious of her. He suggests Il-nam try it with his kids, and Il-nam wonders if going out for a meal with Seung-jo may help heal their relationship.


Cha Seung- jo gives her a new bag and then asks his secretary, Secretary Moon, to investigate in what has caused this problem. She only shows her true face to Tommy and YJ for they are her social equals.

And I adore the depth it gives her. Cheongdam-dong Alice Promotional poster. If it will be somebody else than Se-Kyung, that will traumatize him even worse than if it’s Se-Kyung. Although we in Hawaii have only seen EpsI couldn’t resist reading the intro to this epsidoe’s critique and then quickly scrolled to read the comments.

TS January 7, at But I got rejected. And for this reason, not having any abroad studying experiences, she is often rejected by job interviewers. OK, she is not pretty, maybe she has some impressive acting skills. As she opens to read the text from Secretary Kim, Seung-jo sneaks up isnopsis to peek over her shoulder. She pointedly remarks that his father is not going to give up on pairing him zinopsis In-hwa together, so she might as well make it comfortable between the two of a,ice.

InSu January 7, at 5: For, in truth, everything Se-kyung has done since he’s known her and especially since she sent him her ‘resignation’ letter indicates to him that things could go either way.


I haven’t seen Se-kyung laugh in this drama Dominique January 8, at 2: Kayleigh January 7, at 6: You mean “Myeee Ewayeee”? I supposed that’s why I find this drama so compelling; it’s such a refreshing change from the usual love angsty ones.

It’s about time we have a leading lady with a flawed character and a leading man loved by many. Sorry it’s too cheongdm for you to watch Moon Not knowing the truth, Cha Seung-jo finally tells Han Se-kyung who he really is.

9 Best Cheongdam-dong Alice <3 images | Alice, Moon geun young, Drama korea

He wishes he told her the truth earlier; she wishes the same too. These resonate with anyone with a heart and common sense. Rome05 January 7, at With Seung Jo, she is cautious now – where before she was easy and comfortable with Secretary Kim – because SJ is now her social superior.

The last option he is to leave. What she says completely shatters Se-kyung’s life philosophy rooted in hard work and consistent effort.

After sinoppsis the whole matter, he goes back to the ball, and pours a cup of soy sauce onto Tommy Hong to revenge for Han Se-kyung.