Too bad it might seem overly sweet at times. Mendengar seseorang mendekat, Mi-ho bersembunyi di kamar mandi ketika Dae-woong tiba. Even if you are Buddhist in Korea, I still recognize elements of Muism mixed in. The non-existence issue is one of the premises set out in this drama’s world and it was already mentioned right at the beginning in Episode 3. Not sure if this is purposeful, but if it is, I hope episode 16 brings a huge explosion of emotion from her in the same way we saw EO when he kissed her. I was gonna guess him, too!!! But I will hold onto that feeling forever. From a lover’s point of view, many more stories have been made where one would rather die than live any longer in a world without the other.

Eun-oh wakes up, still sitting in the same spot since last night. Because difficult times always passed by so slowly. Your email address will not be published. Track listing “Love Is You” — K. And if you are Muist, then there are definite bits of mixing with Buddhism as it picked up reincarnation noted by both Muists and Anthropologists. Arang reawakens outside, in front of a gaping black vortex.

Archived from the original on January 26, They think time is running out He hears them out and gets to work. If you kill yourself out of nobility, imma kill you, I swear! As for Mom inside not-Mom, meh I use donna nickname too.

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And they ought to come to a bad end so future serial killers or other near-baddies like yhe or women who toss off their beloved in order to marry rich old men should take note and not belief life will turn out thw in the end. Haha I pointed at her and said oh! All the subbers are awesome! Does anyone know what drama airs after this?

Jadi skenario ketiga mengharuskan Dae-woong untuk menerobos masuk ke pernikahan itu untuk mengentikannya… sebab mereka bertiga adalah saudara!

Heard of the phrase “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her”? While we are still unsure of Arang’s true affections towards EO given her inertia and resistance, there are some signs that Arang may have finally realised magistratr need to acknowledge her love for EO quickly before she has to leave e. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Also, they may be tempted by visions, but must resist: That is not a hand-hold. No time to dilly dally.


Reincarnation is a Buddhist thing So this is winopsis human Mom on her revenge mission. Anya October 18, at 9: I prefer that the problems come from the fantasy, but that human persistence and work you know those pesky Confucian things are what solves the problems created by the fantasy. I really sympathy with both Arang and Eun Oh personally because of their conflicts.

So how awesome would it be if Jade Emperor actually had a 3rd or 4th option to kill the beast Just have to patient a bit more Guyz Please i don’t understand how did arang kill her self? I’ve adang to the point where all I want to do is watch the xinopsis two to three episodes then watch the ending and then I can pretty much guess what happened in between Oh, this is so sad. I was surprise how moved I have been by his story this magistrwte half of the run, and Arang giving him LSR’s diary was the kicker.

Dol-swe totally misses the comment but he does earn points for taking her to a street artist to have their pictures drawn. In my humble opinion, LJK’s talent is quite undeniable and has been widely acknowledged in Korea and internationally, so there is no need to run anyone down to push him up.

To be ghosts together is to starve constantly. Which uh, must make for some really awkward future family dinners A reverse of the dotting sinlpsis on daughter hahaha Also, did he talk and inform them of himself prompting them to name thhe as himself at his own birth?

Because I’m confucius since I was a little kid. I hope we can have Arang and Eun-oh qnd their findings in tomorrow’s episode. Aku tnggu, kak mey.

Fair enough to reward Sato and grant his wish. So if Korea has its own version of the Hollywood Hays Code where no matter how much you love a bad character he has to go the way of all baddies, then my poor Joo Wal has a mean future awaiting him.


I love epiode scene you mentioned too. But if you compare this drama to others which mxgistrate have supernatural theme, this drama is way better, and i’m not just talking about the finale.

There is no reincarnation in Confucianism. Mia we are adult enough, yes Jika ekor yang ini mati juga, Mi-ho hanya akan punya satu. At least they are together no matter where!: Those 2 light up the screen, more than a painting. Certainly, this is not just about sleuthing anymore, this requires some heart as opposed to hard thinking.

One that pleases the seasoned story lover and the characters that dwell in it as well as abiding to the laws of the story’s universe. Arang giving the diary to JW was particularly symbolic.

I have a question, maybe a dumb one as I might have missed something. Thank you, Off to read: Dae-woong menolak pergi sampai Mi-ho membelikannya daging. I believe in the recent episodes the chinese subs mentioned that Mu Yeon did something terribly wrong in heaven, and Jade banished her to earth so that she will still disappear soon after – this is her ungrateful interpretation of his actions, sparing her from a one way route to hell.

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It’s because they pity JW and his absence of love. Ketika sedang melihat calendar, Dae-woong epiosde nama Park Dong-joo dan Park Sun-joo tapi dia menganggapnya sebagai kebetulan yang lain.

Even my co-workers occasionally do that to me In a field, a little boy comes up to a little girl in a field of flowers.