Kenneth told Elena when she goes to the court she has to be ready for the embarrassed situation of Ron and her. One family took us around Busan for an hour trying to find our hotel. This site uses cookies. Is someone else writing reviews for this drama too? I apologise if there is any mistake. And by the way she says Cheuk Man but for the sake of consistency I use Arthur.

He radiates power and sex appeal, like Daniel Craig. I will give her an E. Even if a lusty one, but still a good guy. Drag her back home! Charles said the relative said they were buried under a star fruit tree they planted and she knows which tree that was planted 20 years ago, same age as her. What matters is it is to our advantage, to solve the rice price issue. Kenneth said there is an exception that the affair is conducted by the neglect of her husband. That is not fair!!

This scene is basically that Yee Yin knows Arthur is interested in Kwan and will probably want to collect her as 4th wife. Water leaked from taps and shower stalls. Wonder if she will still retain her aloofness when Arthur no longer favors her? Who is your favourite character and why? But, Clamine put her position has a sexual plaything.

Rebecca told Ron that he blames other when he did something wrong. All snark aside, at least she spent the time to write such a long sterlnig.


New avatar again nice one though and I was starting to wonder if you were the real Funn, haha…. He wronged me first mother! Thomas, Lau Kong brought some dim sum for Vincent.

I did enjoy it but not awed by it. For whatever reason she is deemed out of his league, so she is his fantasy that can be only admired from afar. Kenneth said Elena will testify in the court for her kids.

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I am not sure where but I think Arthur sorta admires Kwan for her intelligence. November 3, at 7: Ho Yee meanwhile is hoping streling find someone to take her to the theatre to watch Kwan in her first performance in HK before the public eye, no one silvver free to go.

One chess piece caught his attention. But, I remember reading in one of your episodic thoughts that she act childish when Arthur scolded her. So far I am the only on here recapping it per episode. I apologise if there is any mistake. Funn, have a blast!

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 22 recap

Btw, when I went to kunming airport the first trip, it smelled liked salty fish. Watch ep 4 and it will answer your question quite clearly.

Mary yelled at Rebecca to not leave.

Login or Register before ehackles can reply to chompontvb. The scenes feel choppy, jumpy and for all the money spent on wardrobe and sets, I am very disappointed the scenes just jump and jump. Login or Register before you can reply to HeTieShou.


On the whole, it was a lot of better than the ones in China. No I did not visit HengDian. Here, I see a bit of reservation from Elena, somehow I feel she should have kissed him deeper each time rather than a peck on the lips.

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This site uses cookies. She wanted some love and care and affection. Who is the one obsessed? Login or Register before you can reply to exoidus. For Arthur, Yee Yin is his very own acquired treasure to be cherished for her class and elegance.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 40 recap (End)

Kenneth said he can plead that the wife is driven by neglect. Email required Address never made public.

You may ask why so many gradings, simply because I can be a bit more flexible. Long live the Queen!! My feeling all women who married Arthur in the end loves him and is charmed by him. I have many stories of super friendly Shckles from my trip in the spring.