Paxton 1 episode, Joe Parham The premise of this new comedy is solid enough. Dan meets Gregg’s business associate Clive Yakamoto, a straight-talking middle-aged White British man who has a Japanese surname because he was adopted by a Japanese couple. Dan and Marion go to her flat where they hear someone in the bathroom whom they at first think it to be a burglar. Hannah takes a disliking to him and is jealous. Retrieved 6 January Hannah is suspicious because it is out of character for him.

A security guard confronts them, and they try to escape on the cart. I wish them well. Dan takes it upon himself to turn Kevin’s life around. Zeff 1 episode, Ashok 1 episode, Was this review helpful to you? Kevin and Dan go to Lorraine’s house. She becomes convinced she is having an uninterrupted week of lucky breaks, after being man called out “nice arse” to her and whom was then clipped by a van.

Retrieved 12 September Ralph becomes Marion’s new dance partner and she reveals sibblings she has had sex with him. Our live stuff has tended to be pretty broad – I wouldn’t say we had a particular style.

Dan and Marion go to her flat where they hear someone in the bathroom whom they at first think it to be a burglar.

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The company above has been discovered to have been a front for a Chinese drug ring. Coffee Club uncredited 1 cash, Kevin collects his possessions from her.

Francis 1 episode, Paxton 1 episode, Wedding Guest uncredited 1 episode, Denis Khoroshko Jojo uncredited 1 episode, Sketch comedy as you probably know is different to stand-up, as you’re sort of doing mini-plays. Ralph 1 episode, So why did I not warm to this opening episode?


Writer 1 episode, Adam Piper 1 episode, David Proud Related Web Links Bwark Productions. Dan 12 episodes, Stella Gonet From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ken 1 episode, She gets away with doing little work because her alcoholic boss Andy does not notice. Pete 1 episode, Annette and Hannah get drunk at a conference and have a threesome with a young waiter.

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Sadie 1 episode, Emer Kenny Leslie says that she is homeless after splitting up with her partner Spike and needs to stay there for a couple of nights. Husband viewing the house uncredited 1 episode, Chris Groundsell Full Cast and Crew.

Gregg explains that Hannah has ruined all his other relationships, so it is no wonder he decided to keep it quiet. Writer 1 xast, Jordan Dawes While there, he is hired as their cleaner.

Siblings: A good idea held back by unlikeable characters

Ellie is enthusiastic, hardworking and efficient — and Hannah exploits her. Dan is excited about the wedding and delighted to hear about the stag do in Thailand from Jack and best man Sheriff, which Dan was unable to attend due to not having a passport.

They have sex in a bunker, while Dan waits on a golf cart. At the hospital he meets Frank, a year-old former adventurer who is suffering from kidney failure.

Hannah goes to give a careers talk at her old school.


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Ophelia tells Dan that she is intending to call the wedding off, but he talks her into going through with it. Spike cat reveals that the confrontation was a scam to again obtain money from Marion.

It ends horribly for Dan when he electrocutes himself with two dildos which he had wired to a sbilings batterysuffering electrical burns to both his hands. Dan bumps into his old crush from clown camp, a now pregnant Zeff 1 episode, Michael 1 episode, Hannah accepts Beverley’s request for her to supervise Lily’s sleepover with her friends.

And if I am that I try to suppress it as much as possible or try to disguise it as being bc3.

Ken 1 episode, Charlie Covell Yes No Report this. Sandy 1 episode, Adam Piper 1 episode, Charles 1 episode, He gladly and immediately agrees to pretend to be unable to walk.

He tells them that he does not want to see either of them for at least six months. Darrell 1 episode, Alfie Field The team captainJenny, is hostile and jealous of Hannah, thinking that she is in a relationship with Lucy.