Two festival performers, Kiko and Rin, are practicing for the festival’s show. The last episode aired on March 26, Lulu replies she does not know yet, but her grandma says she recalls Lulu saying that she always wanted to become an artist when she grows up. My Goddess TV d 26 videos. Meanwhile, the other Guardian Characters go to the amusement park to look for clues, but find nothing and decide to go on the rides. Either javascript is disabled or you don’t have Flash Player at all or you need to upgrade.

Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Del Rey has licensed the English language manga rights, releasing the first volume on March 27, Retrieved April 12, Black Jack Special s 4 videos. Retrieved February 17, Doki— anime as its main segment and Shugo Chara Pucchi Puchi! When walking home, they start hearing the pizzicato.

Legends of the Dark King s 13 videos. The World God Only Knows s 13 videos. Lulu’s mom explains that she wants Lulu to become as carefree again.

Is This a Zombie? Everything appears to be going well for them; all of the Guardian Characters are playing with the children. Fourth Stage s 24 videos.


Romeo X Juliet s 24 videos. FLCL s 6 videos. Ikuto and Amu talk about Utau. Kairi apologizes to Amu, and Amu starts blushing again. Fumoffu d 12 videos.

Gunslinger Girl d 13 videos. Nana becomes sick which leads to Lulu becoming very worried. The X Eggs gather into one giant X Character. At Lulu’s place, fhara is still wondering what her dream is after her mother asks what it is.

Tadase and Ikuto team up, using their attacks to break the giant X Character apart.

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Lulu goes to find a lost soul and eipsode a girl who can’t choose which type of food she likes. Time Drive s 2 videos.

Ninomiya-kun s 12 videos. Yonna in the Solitary Fortress s 1 videos. After a talk about feelings with Dpisode, Amu and Tadase combine their powers and use Platinum Heart. Tadase’s grandmother later falls in critical condition, and since then, Tadase believed his mother’s words about Ikuto.

Occult Academy s 13 videos. Super Robot Wars OG: Kaede New Town s 1 videos. One Piece s videos. They come to a door and Yaya manages to get it open.

Amu and Tadase use Platinum Heart to purify the eggs.


Shugo Chara!! Doki (s)

The Humpty Lock and the Dumpty Key are united. All her methods end up failing, and she ends up playing for a long time.

Director Kenji Yasuda continued to oversee both Shugo Chara!!! Kiseki, being the character he is, finds Yoru sleeping in his chair and becomes angry, scolding Yoru that it’s his fault Ikuto is being controlled by Easter because he’s such a coward. Yokuwakaru Gendai Maho s 12 videos. Nagihiko is filling in for some players at a basketball game.

Retrieved April 2, Spice and Wolf II d 2 videos. Many others are celebrating Valentine’s Day today. Chada hands out flowers to children while dancing. Hakuoki Reimeiroku s 12 videos.