Those two suggestions are some pretty awesome movies! The story was quite focused on the main theme and it’s kinda getting sluggish in the middle but I guess, someone screaming in front of your face at random times supposed to kept the watchers hooked but that’s such a banal approach and begins to be redundant towards the end. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The film is the directorial debut for Sophon Sakdapisit, who was the co-writer of the films Shutter and Alone Diego De Mauro April 2, at 3: Add the first question. I believe it should be commended for finally bringing the graphically bloody element of the genre into Filipino horror but besides that, nothing original or convincing from the film itself. Deceased Siamese twin returns to haunt surviving sister.

The scares were uneven, some are good while some are ridiculously funny. December 9, at 8: I put horror in quotation marks as the film is technically a true crime story but with enough horrific and horrifying elements and moods incorporated into the film that I feel it deserves the honor of being counted as one. The Healing is full-on supernatural, accompanied by disturbingly fun and frightening scenes and a plot twist that impressively unfolds towards the end. Naturally, this only represents the beginning. With the bootlegged film missing, Shane begins to encounter Shomba, the malevolent antagonist of that film, in several places and embarks on a mission to uncover the terrible secret behind the haunted movie. Diego De Mauro April 2, at 4:

Yes No Report this. Retrieved from ” https: The director then complains that she is a horrible actress unable shombs die properly.

Was a little boy become part of tree at the end the movie I think he was dead all along.

A couple who met in South Korea. View my complete profile. I was very pleased and would recommend this movie at least till I encounter another well pictured horror movie. She shows more than just bewbs. It has an unexpected ending. Ennia Merrican October 30, at 2: Truely magnifying but the healing,i dont think it should be in this list. Thus, as promised, I present to you 12 Asian horror films that sits behind the iron fence of mainstream gore fests.


Coming Soon 6.

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That was hilariously epic. I think the Author decided to go on a route not like other lists regarding this subject. All in all a great show by the crew, hope they come out with quality movies like this especially horror movies, since the crew has all the capabilities to bring out quality horror movies. The films follows a doctor, Fang Lei, who suffers from violents dreams and suspects that she might be a frequent sleepwalker. Movue who is bounded by her own imagination.

Thank you for the level-headed view, Bread! The movie’s concept is like Ring series, except that the story line was well matched with the whole concept in this movie. It is so awesome.

12 Best Asian Horror Films You’ve Never Heard Of

I Am the Night. Best Asian Horror Movies. You can help by adding to it. Yanggaw from the Philippines is good as well.

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Honestly, not the best or scariest Filipino horror film around. Start your free trial. They go to a hospital and the doctor asks Shane and Som why they went into the house.

They noted that first-time director Sopon Sukdapisit might not have had a lot of experience, with some obvious flaws, and “rookie” mistakes, and nothing very innovative, suggesting that he stick to writing. Rafael October 20, at 8: Bizarre things start to happen as Amber starts having visions of her sister and her nightmares become more violent. Creepy Hide and Seek. Nikkie October 5, at 9: From here, the murders begin and those who were healed were the ones committing it.

Coming Soon offers quite a good spread, except it’s plagued by more flaws and loopholes. And yes, the remake of Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara is equally worthy or a re-watch. Steven Vincent Gee Super Reviewer. Eventually, the villagers find her and hang her. Its very damn good, I love it. I did like this particular film a lot though, the eyes were creepy, the neck-bend scene see pic almost gave me nightmares.


The director takes another scene and one crew starts to notice that the safety bar for the rope around the actress’ neck was broken from the actress’ struggle to act the scene perfectly. But thanks for contributing.

Man With a Plan. They soon learn that you can not escape your past. If you want a good scare, best find a subtitled for those non-Tagalog speakers versions of Magandang Gabi Bayan, Halloween Special.

As a Filipino who loves watching horror movies, i must honestly say, the Healing was by far, not among the scariest horror movies in Filipino Movie History. The Melody of the Curse And once she gets a hold of you The film follows a detective investigating a string of murders and an art student treated for amnesia. If Japan is known for its lovely ladies like Tomie and Sadako, Thailand has their very own beauty queen of fright.

Shomba of Coming Soon This character is not a new comer to the horror genre and she seems to be a close relative of kuchisake onna [probably because of the carved sides of her lips] but let me tell you one thing Reply Gershom May 4, at 5: Then the actress pleads at the director to try once more to perfect the scene.

Post Share on Facebook. The film begins with Seth and her father, who had suffered from a stroke, waiting in line to be cured by a rumored faith healer, Manang Elsa. They had fun together but when they both fell fu,l love, everything changed. Ram de Tagle April 3, at 9: