Why don’t you fight a nigga straight up? Yeah, yeah, my niggas. We do it real grande around here, man. While Thelma and the other slaves plan their rebellion, Tobias pleads for a chance to show off his made-up screenplay to Lynchwater; Thelma gives him 1 week. I can get ho’s over here. Deebo, that was his name.

He then attempts to learn assertiveness towards his disrespectful wife from A Pimp Named Slickback. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Hey, if niggas ain’t mad at you, then you doin’ something wrong. But you wanna know the brilliant part of this story? You go ahead and leave. Not nobody do it like this here, nigga. How many episodes of boondocks are there?

And then I grabbed myself a brick- Granddad, you didn’t live that.

The Boondocks – Season 2, Episode 7 – Rotten Tomatoes

Well, it’s hard not to, nigga. You know what I’m saying? You better fall back, nigga.

You hating, my nigga? I couldn’t handle my own business like a man. He say the ho’s is en route. Boondockd was a necklace.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At first, he tries to fight the bully, Butch Magnus, but fails on advice from Granddad. But until then fkll tell your moms to get off my dick, nigga! Except Flonominal and Macktastic, who I met through the label, but we’re like brothers though. Uh, no, not me.


And after he left, that’s when I made my move.

Or we be flipping them burgers at Wendy’s, my nigga. JJ the Genius he also did “Dickriding Obama” you can find all his tunes on his myspace page. We might as well fulll working at Kinko’s. It’s about getting paper, my nigga. Stinkmeaner is released from Asian-styled Hell and he possesses Tom Dubois to exact vengeance upon the Freemans for killing him as Huey is aware of his return.

You ran up into his crib?

So you judge your success by the amount of ill will you generate from those around you? All the hate and envy that I’ve collected with this chain over the years will now transfer to you. Why don’t you try something different, like diplomacy for a change?

With fries and shit. We crew, nigga, remember? Shinin’ 26 Nov 7. Lethal Interjection moving next to your home. Uncle Ruckus credit only Jill Talley Ride it out, nigga. Whoa, whoa, okay, okay. What y’all niggas know about MySpace? JacksonMos Defand Bill Duke guest star. I swear to God! I know y’all love my music, and love my videos and shit, but be fully prepared to drink hella Haterade, nigga. Three different versions of a slave revolt led by Huey and Riley’s ancestor Catcher Freeman are told: You gotta stand up to him.


What is the last song on the passion of ruckus episode from boondocks? Come on, let’s go. Macktastic voice Busta Rhymes Huey, you not a real nigga like me, see. Views Read Edit View history. You sure you gotta shiin

Robert’s version tells that Catcher Freeman was a muscular heroic man who managed to escape slavery and free many disrespectfully-treated slaves. Hey, don’t sweat it, homey. To being on Cribs. Season two started on Shiinin 8, with ” What I got to do to become a member of Lethal Interjection?

The Boondocks – S2E07 – Shinin’ [aAF]

TV Shows in Progress. Now, this shit right here, this is some old John Woo shit, nigga, from the zhinin Killer. What the fuck was that? The answer is no!