But it does have moments where it is quite funny, so who cares about plot, right? However, if you would just give it a shot, you will know that this series is extremely funny. Each of the voices match their characters perfectly. But block your ears if you can’t stand the sound of descant recorder practice! The Assassination of Gianni Versace: It about Tenma who is in love with Karasuma he looks funny and has a bowl cut hair style and with Harima in love with Tenma and Karauma is some type of alien lol.

You can watch the trailer on YouTube. The characters are all unique in their own ways. In these days, she happened to know that Karasumaru would move next year. Tenma Tsukamoto, a second year high school student, learns that her crush, Karasuma, is in her class this year. It’s the story of a HUGE cast of characters and the love triangles within them. And when the engineer turns up to mend the AC, who should his part-time assistant be but…Harima?

The weak point in this outrageous is the story, it’s not bad but it could be better. It hasn’t been dubbed, but it might since season 1 has.

Basically, it starts out with Harima loves Temna, and Temna is too dense to notice. By megamanzero22xxOct 18, Another classmate, Nara, is also keen on Tenma and planning to use the trip to get closer to her too. Tenma and Harima often ask themselves that question. Fruits Basket is another good one, and while the anime is cute, you may want to start with the manga because the anime leaves you with a gaping hole for an ending. Where can you watch Angel Tales season 2 English dubbed?

ALL of the characters are hilarious and unique in veih own respects, and the plot is surprisingly multifaceted. Al tho lovely characters compensate this. By PatchiJul 19, I object to the claim that the anime has nothing to do with a School Rumble, and I tend to think that “rumble” is meant more in a colloquial sense and in broken Englishand the craziness of the show could definitely fit the description.


Unfortunately,the third season is cancelled. Some of it makes so little sense and makes you laugh so hard.


School Rumble is not just about high school romance and parodies. It hasn’t helped that earlier on, blonde Eri has inadvertently walked in on Harima just as he’s finished exercising in the buff and is searching for his swimming trunks. Rounding out the love triangle is Harima Kenji, a school delinquent whom half the class is frightened of.

Each episode tends towards 3 seemingly unrelated vignettes similar to Full Metal Panic: The story then incoporates more other memorable characters, including, but not limited to, Sawachika Eri, Suou Mikoto, Hanai Rumgle, and my favorite character in the show Tsukamoto Yakumo. The US dub continues to work extremely well, with Luci Christian capturing Tenma’s sweet yet off-the-wall nature perfectly.

[GONG MAX] SCHOOL RUMBLE – Episode 1 – Vidéo dailymotion

By InthernetFeb 22, Well, I realize that it’s winter dchool here in the UK and, as I write this review, it’s cold, dreary and grey… but at Yagami High, school’s out and the guys and gals of Class 2-C are soaking up the rays, elisode at the Water Park, then heading off for a trip to the beach. The episode then culminates with Tenma and her friends discussing various absurd techniques for confessing their love!

He gets her in an armlock, covers her mouth with his hand, and whispers menacingly in that gravelly voice of his, “You keep quiet. The main persons are Tenma and I will also say Harima. Share Hide Facebook Twitter Permalink. Each of the voices match their characters perfectly.


By XelzyFeb 23, It’s impossible not to feel sympathy with Kenji Harima as he stumbles his way through the minefield of falling in love for the first time. I love this Anime!

Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. By watching how they fail and the outcome of their failures is the hilarious part of this whole show.

One of my favorite moments was when Harima was naked in the hotel room, and Eri comes in to get sunblock from her bag.

School Rumble is a classic romantic comedy that episoe isn’t breaking new ground with its main unrequited love triangle premise. As she starts to scream, he panics. Can anyone give me some good romantic manga with school life or harem Or magic. Overall this is a really good show that has comedy and romance. S … entai Filmworks included the special in the latest edition of the Rozen Maiden series boxset dubbed and subbed.

And if the odd line here and there vfoh been changed to make the script funnier and more accessible for a Western audience, it really doesn’t matter; what the script editors have captured is the spirit of ‘School Rumble’.