All were happy and things have come to satisfy everyone. I speak arabic and I am also muslim like you! Haifa held one of the most successful concerts of Carthage festival this year. What do you think? American Idol 8 By H. Well, Wassouf was arrested by the Swedish police and dragged out of his Sheraton suite to the slammer after being caught with 30 grams of cocaine! I love Tuba Buyukustun so much she has amazing brillance. Polls , TV By H.

I want you to do me a huge favour and email me back. He also sang a lot of Mawal , Mijana and Ataba , with which the audience interacted enthusiastically! Just News By H. Will it be a happy ending as well? Unfortunately and to the surprise of his fans, the concert was canceled and the fans were left standing and waiting for nothing all night! Hi I am from south africa.

Famous Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni held a very successful concert last week in Beirut; the concert was attended by about The series ‘Letter from a Dead Man’ that aired on an Iraqi channel during the holy month of Ramadan, was a noticeable success dama attracted the interest of a couple of Gulf TV channels.

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This year, Naser and Abdallah have promised to deliver an even funnier refection of society and to show the Saudi saying ” Kulna Iyal Karya wa Kul Sahawat Yaarif Khaya ” in all its glory! What new surprises and sanswat will change the course of the life of the characters and the family of Shadoglu? I am from Iran and every night I eagerly watch your act in Asi. I wish u best.

من مفكرتي: Turkish Drama

For example, Nour usually highlights the emotional and moral conflicts, and carries many cultural values that are missing in our Arab societies and especially at these contemporary times. Yes your that popular here in Canada. Josef Attieh was one of Star Academy 6 prime 4 guests, he sang alone and he also sang with starac 6 candidates By Momme — Sweden. Enjoy these photos from the new video clip of Fady Andraos for his eanawat Palestine Lebanon:.


You know that I love you more than anything else and my heart bursts sanasat joy when I see your name and pictures. Nasreen Akhtar’s memoir isn’t about going fishing, but about her rocky road trip to find love. Tuba,I love you so so much. Photos from Tamer Hosni Concert in Beirut. Will appreciate if you can contact me. Ahmad from Bahrain designed a tulle dress that was displayed by Juhaina from Oman, while Diana from from Lebanon wore a design from Suha from Saudi Arabia. Take care, Much love, Your secret admirer.

I won’t be saying any more! Many teenagers are driven by boredom or a search for identity to idolize a figure on the screen. Lebanese Singers By H. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Tunisian Singers By H. Do dayas think Egyptian series will be able to get back to the top again like it used to be during its glory days with popular series like ‘Layli Al Helmiya’, ‘Rafat Alhagan’, You have more chance: I Love You Sooo much!

The designers and models got up on the catwalk and did their weekly walk and spin! Hi my name is nesrine. The element of romance was one of the main topics that the Turkish series zeroed on it in order to grab the attention of the audience. All of the could be the fast overview in regards to the Search engine marketing contest gogo kobamusaji inWeb site positioning Contest gogo kobamusaji organized by Inbound On-line advertising Indonesia http: Just News By H.


In MBC moved to its new headquarters in Dubai Media City, ushering in a new era in the history of the group that witnessed the launch of several entities in the fields of television, radio, mobile and online. Over the past few weeks, we have changed Waleg layout from its classic view ex: Learn how your comment data is processed. I’ll be just like you, waiting for the folds to unfold!

The subject of the prime, which the designers worked on all week, was the Tailleror women’s tailored suit. Aelita from Kazakhstan now in Egypt. Tuba,Susu said to you: What do you think?

Elie Saab liked the designs of George and Ahmad in particular and was impressed with the rest just as well. Why was the concert canceled? I want to visit this beautiful city and to see you there. It seems the winning combination is that of Nancy and Wael, because this is the second smash hit concert that joins them this summer! February 1, MBC4 is launched to offer a mix of westren and local entertainment content other than movies.

I won’t use philosophical words or delve too deep into the points i want to get across concerning this book, but I’ll be simple and frank!