In Series 2 , Cutter adjusts to the new timeline while hunting for a traitor in the group. Sailaab – Episode 7 – Full Episode. She is reminded of her first meeting with him at Shivani s home where they cross swords over Rohit! Rohit is surprised to learn that Shivani has taken up a job. Vijay frets and fumes over Avinash s indiscretion at mentioning Rohit s name before Shivani because, as he confides in Seema, the sparkle in Shivani s eyes speaks volumes! Torn between her brother and lover, Shivani reveals her dilemma to Rohit who asks her if she has the guts to defy Raju and elope!

Sailaab – Episode 24 – Full Episode. Shivani joins him and intuition tells her he is unhappy. Rohit is an amused by their domestic problems precipitated by their game of chess! Inder Anang Desai , Avinash s elder brother lands up out of the blue and offers to take Shivani back to Bangalore with him! While Vijay dismisses it as inconsequential, Shivani broods over it. Shortly after reaching office, Shivani gets a call from Rohit and he offers to exchange their bags that got mixed at department store!

Sailaab (TV series)

Ajay is a generous host and that makes Rohit feel guilty. Sailaab – Episode 8 – Full Episode. Quite obviously smitten by her, he even offers to drop her home in the evening. Badi Ma comes to meet Gayatri and offers to find sailsab groom for Pinky but Gayatri asserts that as her right! Shivani also denies any involvement to Vicky and Nilu! Shivani reminds him that what remains of their 5 year long relationship can be compared to a cinder and to allow that to sparkle would spell disaster for their respective spouses!

Aakash joins them and meets Rohit who gets tips from Ashish. Hence, once she comes face to face with Rohit there is a tense,musty silence first that is broken by Rohit who thanks her for driving some sense into his head or else he would have still been pursuing a mirage! Sailaab – Episodes Fpisode tells Rohit that Mumbai is a strange city that makes paupers wealthy and vice versa!

Ajay reminds Rohit of his appointment with episodr film director and gives him an invaluable tip-he advises him to write what he detests and is tripe in his opinion as that is what sells today!


Vijay frets and fumes over Avinash s indiscretion at mentioning Rohit s name before Shivani aailaab, as he confides in Seema, the sparkle in Shivani s eyes speaks volumes! Flashback continues focusing on Rohit s early days in Mumbai and he fights off goons who want to keep Vicky s gold chain! Sailaab – Episode 26 – Full Episode.

Meanwhile Rohit is stunned to hear a director Ravi Rai admit with pride that his films have no story! Rohit is surprised to learn that Shivani has taken up a job.

Vijay and Seema read episoxe too and Seema feels Gayatri is a very fortunate person.

Sailaab (Hindi) – 2 Jan, | Watch Full Episode Online | ZEE5 in Hindi | (Drama)

As Avinash has been waiting for a while, Shivani offers to take him out for a srial dinner and as she waits for him to freshen up recalls Rohit s conversation with Seema during his struggling days. However, she changes her tune quickly and advises her to marry Avinash and make Raju happy.

Impressed by her level-headed attitude, to say nothing of honesty, Avinash forgives her and tells her he loves her very much!

Upset, he walks home under the scorching sun when Vicky and Shivani join him. A confused Shivani asks her brother if she can marry Rohit but he puts his foot down and serves her an ultimatum-marry Avinash or else Shivani thinks it prudent to follow Raju s diktat and marries Avinash. Programs currently broadcast by Zee TV. Rohit is strangely subdued and abstracted ever since he leaves Mumbai and Gayatri senses something serila in his behaviour.

Avinash also meets Rohit after he completes his checkup and is pleasantly surprised to learn from his colleagues that Rohit is an award winning filmmaker of international repute! Vijay eailaab threatened to commit suicide if she continued to meet Rohit!

Ajay also tells Rohit that the fragrance of his love for Shivani has spread far and wide! Sailaab is an Indian television series that was directed by Ravi Rai [1] and was broadcast on Zee TV from to Girish loses his temper on parents of epispde little girl who has sustained a fracture in her leg due to their sheer negligence!


He is about to be subjected to a gruelling episodd by Badi Ma when Gayatri comes to his rescue. Once Gayatri comes home her father Aakash Kapoor Arun Bali has a heart to heart talk with her where he pulls her up for lying needlessly when she spends time with Rohit.

She insists that she has drawn a line as far as her marital life is concerned and won t ever violate his faith in her. Fear Files India’s Best Dramebaaz. Past and present intermingle freely to say nothing of frequently as Shivani, Rohit and Gayatri mull sialaab their past and contemplate their future with an intensity that makes their old friends like Vicky Bhushan JeevanNilu Neelofer and Girish Makrand Deshpande nervous and fear a momentous storm brewing! She then confides in her friend Gayatri Prajakti Deshmukh who asks her to follow her heart rather than her head and marry Rohit!

Vijay, like all esrial, is keen to see Eailaab settled with a person who is financially sound and the idealisitic writer in pursuit of an elusive dream doesn’t inspire much confidence! Rohit unburdens his sorrows to Girish and confesses that he is still smarting at Shivani s betrayal and still madly in love with her!

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Girish advises him to emulate Shivani and hide his grief for Gayatri s sake. His pranks drive Sujata to the edge of her patience! The first series revolves episoed “the team” forming, following several creature attacks in the Forest of Deanas well as Nick Cutter ‘s search for Helen Cutterhis missing wife, who had suddenly reappeared after eight years.

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