Slagar then gets into Redwall, makes everyone fall asleep and takes the children, cursing Matthias ‘ name. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? For Better or For Worse. Brome and Felldoh wind up not far away and are taken in by the Rambling Rosehip Players, led by the hare Ballaw de Quincewold and the badger Rowanoak. On February 27, , one of the supervising directors of the show Jocelyn Hamilton , was contacted by fans of the show in regards to a possible fourth season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Guosim shrews know that something is going on.

Matthias goes up onto the roof with the sparrow Warbeak to see if the sword is up in the sparrows’ domain. Squire Julian the cat and the shrews are introduced. Meanwhile, Matthias and Basil Stag Hare go to set the vole family free. Managing to win Clogg’s amusement, they got inside Marshank and freed most of the slaves. The kingdom of Malkariss is destroyed. The owl, Sir Harry, comes to their rescue when vultures attack them. He found that Cluny had taken over, and was about to execute all the Redwallers starting with Cornflower. Matthias goes to get the sword but turns around because Warbeak tells him the rats are making plans.

Views Read Edit View history. But one night, as the Redwallers were celebrating, they were interrupted by the masked fox, Slagar the Cruelwho was previously known as Chickenhound, who entered Redwall with a band of rodents, drugged everyone and kidnapped all of their children.

A young mouse named Matthias lives at Redwall Abbey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the epilogue, we see how life in Redwall is back to normal. PBS Kids original programming. Mattimeo and the others are introduced to the underground empire of Malkariss by the rat Nadaz. Cluny then took the image of Martin as his war-standard. Killconey tells Cluny and Fangburn about what Matthias is doing. Cheesethief makes his debut appearance in this episode, as well.


Mathias swore rougejuraille, if Cluny released her.

Darkclaw, Killconey, and Fangburn think about taking over with Cluny ‘out of service’. Throughout this period, Cluny had been using various tactics to try to take over Redwall, including tunnelling in, using a battering ram, blackmailing a spice-merchant dormouse to kidnap Cornflower as ransom, burning the gates, using a siege tower, and sneaking his soldiers in with a visiting local circus.

When he came to, he found that he roigemuraille been brought to Redwall Abbey, where the fathers of the abbey later informed him that his sister had died of exhaustion from the journey. The raven Ironbeak with his army of rooks, crows, and magpies comes to Mossflower and they begin to attack Redwall. Mattimeo and the other slaves are forced to walk across a desert. Managing to win Clogg’s amusement, they rougemuraillf inside Marshank and freed most of the slaves.

Through a riddle they found under the tapestry, they discovered Martin’s tomb underneath a set of stone stairs, and there they found Martin’s shield and sword-belt. They then all return safely home to Redwall Abbey.

The fight ended with the slaves stoning Malkariss to death and Matthias setting them free. The slaves of Malkariss and Matthias’ companions settled in Redwall.

Matthias goes up onto the roof with the sparrow Warbeak to see if the sword is up in the sparrows’ domain.


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List of Teletoon original series. There are 39 episodes in total.

Retrieved 7 November With the help of an owl, Sir Harry the Muse, Matthias and the others get onto the plateau, face the ‘Painted Ones’ and begin to cross the river. Brome, Felldoh, Martin, Elisode, and Grumm are all split up at sea. The sight of Matthias dressed as the mouse he had seen in his dreams terrified Cluny, who sent his troops against Matthias and his army.

Jube the hedgehog is taken captive by Slagar.

In a fit of rage, Matthias attacked them, telling them exactly what he thought of them. Archived from the original on In the confusion, Martin retrieved his father’s sword and slew Badrang with it. Slagar moves the slaves up to the top of a plateau, where the rat Stonefleck is waiting for them.

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Slagar and the slaves keep on moving. The new abbot is brother Mordalfus, previously known as brother Alf, who used to run the Abbey Pond. With the help of the Guosim shrews, he finds Asmodeus’s lair. However, many were drawn to Martin’s cause, including the Gawtrybe as he made his way to Marshank.

However, the boat had a hole, flooding it. A raging storm and a fish separated the group.