Lawrence deals with the aftermath of his ruined investor party; his Miami plan is at risk. Lil Mama hits the scene and Kiyomi’s jealousy ignites! Ben Bode as Dean Todd Walton. Finally meeting in person at an arcade, Nolan discovers the computer wiz is a she. Angela is blindsided when Vanessa takes business matters into her own hands. Dame and Rocky struggle to conceive. VainZilla Kat panics over her missing wedding dress but when a guest objects, will her fairytale come to a shocking end?

The rivalry between Briana and Kristinia comes to a head. After years of broken communication, the Braxtons begin explosive family therapy with Iyanla Vanzant to heal the fractured sisterhood. JoJo is pressed to make a proposal. Straight Outta Rehab Season 4, Episode 8. Full Episode 91 days left. Matt’s drinking worries Caitlin. Toni’s stunned by a shocking party foul. Too Lit to Quit Season 2, Episode

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Race to the Altar Season 1, Episode 6. A drastic turn of events concerning the sisters changes everything!

Traci escapes family drama at a dude ranch where she is joined by outrageous reality stars. Secrets and Cellmates Season 2, Episode 5. Lawrence deals with the aftermath of his ruined investor party; his Miami plan is at risk.

Dame and Pep clash over the severity of Boogie’s addiction while Briana enters to confront a nasty rumor. Celebrity friends rally around Traci. Lawrence’s mysterious plans are revenve.


A disgruntled Briana comes for Tee Tee. Breaking Bad Season 12, Episode 7. Drama ignites when momager, Pepa, checks Egypt! A shocking scandal rocks Pepa’s world when Aundre’s past comes back to haunt him. The stars sweat it out in the epiisode seat when they are served a plate of their burning issues.

Surprises and Sentences Season 1, Episode 5. A shocked Victoria is subjected to a revealing interview on a TV news programme. Where Revegne They Now? Later, catching Conrad rebenge a weak moment, showing him the photos she snagged off of Jack, Ashley secures her Pyrrhic victory as she manages to get her job as campaign coordinator back, which might just bring about another victory for Jack further down the line.

Angela avoids Vanessa at the racetrackand pushes Vanessa to her breaking point. Master P warns Eric about digging up Eazy-E’s death. At their elopement, Johnna shocks Garrett at the altar. Matt meets Caitlin’s mom but Caitlin loses it and storms off. Revennge when things take an unexpected turn, Iyanla calls them out and it leads to a shocking exit!

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap: Last Night’s Winners and Losers

Trina’s pricey new buy. Josh Bowman as Daniel Grayson.

Life is so much more interesting in the Hamptons. Brittany has a secret rendezvous with her ex-girlfriend. Hour of Chaos Season 2, Episode James races to confront Alla and is shocked by what he finds.


A table is flipped and fists fly!

Revenge Season 2 Episode 19 –

Clint plans to marry a prisoner he’s never met. Marcelino meets Brittany’s “bunkie”. Things pop off when shocking issues are exposed. StormZilla Sam wreaks havoc but when her rampage strikes her mother-in-law, her groom finally loses it. Please enter your email address and you’ll receive a verification link to proceed.

Your existing password has not been changed. Toni shoots her new music video.

Let’s Get this Fried Chicken! She seems pretty exhausted. The Battle of the Lil’s Season 4, Episode And Lil’ Mo wonders what is Karl hiding?

Revenge – Season 2, Episode 19 – Rotten Tomatoes

Husband regrets marrying his wife when she brings her work home and he pays the price! Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson. Johnna confronts Garrett after he stays out all night.

Hot Bed of Crazy Season 6, Episode Full Episode days left. Andrea breaks down with second thoughts. Mature woman falls for younger men.